Scholarships, Grants, and other Awards in Maryland

State Government Programs

The government of the state of Maryland is determined to make higher education more accessible to its resident students. Through the Maryland Higher Education Commission, state residents can find a wide array of grants, scholarships and tuition waivers designed to make college more affordable. These state supported programs are a mixture of need-based, merit-based and career specific financial aid. For college-bound students in the state of Maryland, struggling to pay for their college education, financial aid opportunities abound.

The FAFSA and Government Financial Aid

All Federal and state supported financial aid for college students requires the submission of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The information supplied by the student on their FAFSA is used to prepare a Student Aid Report, which outlines the level of financial aid for which the applicant has qualified. The submission of the FAFSA should be made a priority, and should be completed before beginning the search for any college financial aid.

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General Scholarships and Grants for Maryland’s Residents

The state of Maryland offers its resident students a variety of scholarships and grants designed to make college more accessible. These programs are a combination of merit-based, and need-based, financial aid. As with all state supported programs, funding is subject to change depending on economic circumstances.

The following is a broad sampling of the scholarships and grants sponsored by Maryland’s Department of Higher Education. Students applying for any of these programs must be residents of Maryland who are enrolled, or intending to enroll, in an accredited state college or university.

Career Specific Grants and Scholarships

Like most states, Maryland faces ongoing shortages in a number of critical-need professions. In an effort to redress this imbalance, Maryland has put into place a variety of scholarship, grant and loan repayment programs designed to offer financial support to resident students who are pursuing careers in these critical-need professions. Many of these are award-for-service programs. In exchange for funding, recipients must agree to a predetermined term of service within the state.

Population Specific Financial Aid

The state of Maryland supports a selection of grants and scholarships for resident students in unique circumstances. These programs target the dependents of fallen public safety workers, veterans, foster care recipients and students with disabilities.

This is just a sampling of what is available to resident students in the state of Maryland. Information on all of these programs and more can be found at the dedicated website of the Maryland Higher Education Commission.