Are You a Resident of or Studying in Indiana?

Scholarship and Grant Programs

The state government of Indiana recognizes the value of continued education, and works hard to encourage and support its residents in their pursuit of a college degree. Through the state’s Division of Student Financial Aid, Indiana administers a variety of scholarships and grants designed to help resident students meet the ever rising costs of a college education. These financial aid programs take many forms. Some are general grants and scholarships that provide much needed funds to students regardless of their major or ultimate career goal. Others are subject specific, and have been developed to encourage students to pursue careers in certain high need professions such as teaching and healthcare. Whether decided on the basis of academic merit or financial need, these financial aid programs share one common goal – to make college more accessible to the residents of the Hoosier State.

The Importance of the FAFSA

The first step in applying for any state-based financial aid for college is the submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA is a requirement for all students applying for any Federal or state-based scholarships, grants or loans. The information students provide on their FAFSA application is used to determine their eligibility for any and all government financial assistance. The FAFSA is also used by most colleges, universities, and independent financial aid advisory boards to determine a student’s eligibility for any available grants or scholarships.

Indiana scholarships

Indiana residents who are interested in applying for any state-based grants, scholarships or loan forgiveness programs should make the submission of their FAFSA a top priority.

General Scholarships and Grant Programs

The state of Indiana offers a variety of general grants and scholarships for its resident students. These programs are applicable to all college-bound residents of Indiana who are enrolled, or preparing to enroll, in a state college or university. As with all state supported financial aid for college  students, programs are subject to change without notice according to availability of funds.

The following general scholarships and grants are currently being sponsored by the state of Indiana.

Career Specific Financial Aid

Like many states across the country, Indiana is suffering from a critical shortage of qualified teachers and nurses. As a way to address the shortfall, the state has implemented two scholarship programs designed to encourage and support students who choose to pursue careers in these high need fields.

The following career specific scholarships are currently being offered by the state of Indiana for its resident students.

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education is determined to make a college education more accessible to students in the Hoosier State. Through the Division of Student Financial Aid, the CHE administers a wide variety of valuable grants and scholarships designed to make college more affordable for the resident students of Indiana.