Network Security Scholarships

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Hackers are the biggest problem faced by nearly every website. These dastardly-deed doers can change simple information on a site just to get a laugh, or they can create havoc and send viruses, steal identities, credit card numbers, bank account information, and much more. As the world becomes more dependent on the internet, there arises a need to combat these hackers. That’s where network security professionals come into play.

These security guards work to dismantle the work of hackers as well as address other computer problems. There are many levels of this profession from running a help-desk to running an organization protecting vital information for major enterprises. To excel in this IT world, professionals are forced to be up-to-date on the latest technology, tools, and security programs. Are you interested in this or a related field? Take a look at a few scholarships offered to aspiring Network Security security scholarships for college


The Federal Government is one of the biggest employers of Network Security Professionals. They provide two different scholarship programs for students studying this field.

The Symantec Software Scholarship awards $10,000 to a high school student who creates a software-based science project and enters into a Utah regional science fair. The Symantec scholarship aims at innovation for math, science, and software careers. Symantec is an internationally known company that provides security, storage and systems management solutions to clients of all sizes.

The National Education Foundation offers the CyberLearning Scholarships for jobseekers. This award gives individuals course packages containing 100-400 courses on subjects ranging from Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Programming, Web Design and many more. Each one of these programs costs roughly $400-$800, but with the CyberLearning Scholarship you get access to these materials for free! The purpose of this program is to give jobseekers the necessary skills to find their perfect career.

Students aren’t the only ones that receive financial help. Colleges and Universities can get aid too in the form of equipment. This is how they have the latest technology. Cisco is one of the biggest donors to collegiate programs all over the world. The company recently gave over $60,000 in Cisco equipment to Purdue University, which is also one of the federal government’s academic centers of excellence.