Grants for Library and Information Science

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Every school of Library and Information Science (LIS) hands out financial aid in several forms, so make sure to check for LIS scholarships as well as grants. LIS grants are usually made in the form of fellowships and awards, and are weighted toward graduate study.

The information below is a small sample of the monetary support extended to LIS students, reflecting the importance of libraries to every form of study and the specialized training now needed to combine skills in the library and information sciences.

Grants From Federal and State Governments

Institute of Museum and Library ServicesLibrary sciences grants for college

The Institute of Museum and Library Services underwrites the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program Grants, which are devoted to education for library professionals. These are institutional grants, meaning they go to libraries and schools that employ and train library scientists, and they support the following types of initiatives:

  • Increasing the number of students pursuing doctoral degrees in LIS, with a view to training new faculty members who can teach masters-level classes.
  • Encouraging students to complete LIS masters programs.
  • Continuing the education of current library professionals, including those who already possess masters degrees.

Alabama Public Library Service

The Alabama Public Library Service (APLS), which is the agency designated by the state of Alabama to manage its library system, offers its employees the Alabama Public Library Service Grants. The APLS grants are given to those seeking graduate degrees in library studies, and you must contact APLS directly to apply.

Grants From Colleges

Much of the financial aid available to individual LIS students is offered as fellowship grants and awards for graduate students.

University of Alabama

The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa)’s School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS) lists several monetary gifts for its students:

  • The James D. Ramer Endowed Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award in SLIS is given to a doctoral student who has produced a superior dissertation.
  • The MLIS Faculty Scholar Endowed Award is bestowed on a student who has an excellent academic history, shows professional potential, and has contributed service to the community.
  • The Jewell Sandoval Endowed Student Support Fund in SLIS is reserved for students who present worthy proposals for research and other special projects.

Florida State University

The School of Library & Information Studies (SLIS) at Florida State University hands out a Law Librarians Fellowship, which is intended for either a law school graduate seeking a masters in SLIS or a student in the joint SLIS/juris doctor masters program. Applicants must plan to become law librarians.

University of California Berkeley

The University of California Berkeley’s School of Information has separate fellowships for masters and doctoral students. Masters fellowships, which are available only in the first year of the program, pay for at least part of your registration fees. Doctoral candidates usually receive some fellowship assistance, paying for registration (both fees and tuition) as well as a living allowance.

The doctoral fellowships are available throughout the first four years of study.

University of Hawai’i at Manoa

The Library and Information Science Program belonging to the University of Hawai’i at Manoa makes two very generous grant offers available to its students:

  • The East-West Center Grants, for U. S. and Pacific/Asian students only, cover not only full tuition but also housing and a living allowance.
  • The UH Manoa Tuition Waiver, worth a year’s tuition, is given to students who demonstrate sufficient financial need.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University’s School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) offers several fellowships and awards, including the following:

  • The Mary Marguerite Hanchey Memorial Fellowship brings $2,000 to a student in the SLIS graduate program. Applicants must qualify as legal residents of Louisiana.
  • The Lewis Mack Fellowship in the amount of $800 also goes to a graduate student.
  • The Robert D. and Barbara R. Biggs Graduate Student Award and the Agnes Corkern Sayers Endowed Fellowship, both for full-time graduate students, focus on helping older women.

Grants From Private Organizations

Many state library associations distribute grants and other financial awards to students of library science.

California Library Association

The California Library Association (CLA) administers the Reference Service Press Fellowship, the stated purpose of which is to help new graduate students fund their education in information service. One award is issued every year in the amount of $3,000, and a student membership in CLA for the recipient is also included.

Louisiana Library Association

The Louisiana Library Association funds the Educational Foundation of the Trustees Section Award, which pays for a year’s study toward a masters for students who work in public libraries. The degree must be taken at the LSU School of Library and Information Science.

New Hampshire Library Association

The New Hampshire Library Association distributes the NHLA Continuing Education Committee Mini-Money Grant to members who want to expand their training. You may include mileage expenses in your grant request.


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