Scholarships for LGBT Students

New Social Acceptance and Positive Activism Stimulates Awards

A growing number of scholarship efforts are devoted exclusively to helping students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Some scholarships are available nationally, while others are exclusively reserved for students from specific geographic regions. Unique student populations like LGBT are traditionally under-represented in higher education, so dedicated scholarships and grants are used to increase enrollment in college programs.

Targeted segments of the student body benefit from LGBT financial aid initiatives that each address specific types of individuals within the LGBT community. Groups that are excluded from higher education face formidable social challenges, so a growing number of LGBT scholarship opportunities reflect the trend toward diversity and tolerance within the academic community.

lgbt scholarships

Non-traditional students qualify for traditional college financial aid too; like Pell Grants and other federal assistance.  Student-specific scholarships are supplemental resources that help LGBT university students, after other financial aid is spent.  Like other scholarship-seekers, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender financial aid candidates are well-served by a top-down approach toward student assistance.  Gays first land free-money federal grants, like FSEOG and Pell, then tackle state resources and other college funding reserved for LGBT applicants.

LGBT advocacy organizations are primary resources for LGBT scholarships.  These examples shine a light on educational assistance opportunities for LGBT college students:

National Scholarships

Regional Scholarships

Children of LGBT Parents

Some scholarships and grants specifically benefit the huge population of students who are raised in LGBT households.  Promoting diversity and increasing college enrollment among children of LGBT individuals is accomplished through dedicated educational philanthropy.  Children of LGBT households land scholarships like these:

Graduate and Post-Graduate Students

Additional Resources

Colin Higgins Foundation – Furthering a Humanitarian Vision.

Pride Foundation – Promoting diversity through educational financing

The Center – Lesbian, Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center