Emergency Nursing Scholarships

Life in a Trauma Center

Emergency nurses are registered nurses trained to care for patients in the emergency phase of an illness or injury. These nurses specialize in rapid diagnosis and treatment when every second counts. Since they deal with a whole range of patients, they must have a familiarity with all types of medicine from neo-natal to geriatric, and everything in between. They can be employed in the Emergency Department of a hospital but this not the only environment where they can use their skills and abilities. Emergency nurses are also found working in regional burn centers, acute care centers, poison control centers and in trauma centers. emergency nurse scholarships

Some nurses specializing in this area of practice choose to become managers or consultants, while others serve in the military. They are also instrumental in caring for patients in schools and camps, on cruise ships, at sporting events and more. Many emergency nurses also help educate the public on health and first aid issues.

Because it is such a diverse and high demand field, there are several support resources for emergency nurses, both financial and otherwise. Many states and schools offer nursing scholarships to draw more people into the field. The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Foundation and similar organizations offer funding and other help for those in the nursing profession. Some examples of the many opportunities available are listed below. This is by no means a comprehensive list. In addition to this list, check with the schools in which you have an interest in attending, and groups like ENA to learn more about this field in general, and the financial assistance available for study.

Scholarship Opportunities for Emergency Nurses

Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Foundation

The Emergency Nurses Association Foundation serves as a wonderful resource for emergency nurses at any point of their career. Besides providing up to date information and technology, networking opportunities, standards of practice, continuing education, awards and more; ENA offers more than 25 annual scholarships to nursing students, from undergraduates to doctoral candidates. The amount of funds awarded varies, but ranges from $3,000-$10,000. A partial list is shown below.  Additional awards for outstanding service, continuing education, research and more are also available. Visit the website for a full list and more information.

  • The Charles Kunz Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to a nurse who is pursuing a baccalaureate degree in nursing. One scholarship worth $3,000 is awarded each year.
  • The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN) Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to a nurse with a current BCEN credential (CEN, CPEN, CFRN, or CTRN) who is pursuing a baccalaureate degree in nursing. Undergraduate and graduate scholarships worth $3,000-$5,000 are awarded each year.
  • The Colorado State Council – Colorado Rocky Mountain Scholarship is awarded to an emergency nurse pursuing a master’s degree in nursing.  One scholarship worth $5,000 is awarded each year. (similar scholarships are offered by state councils in California, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey (3 regions), South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.)
  • The Karen O’Neil Endowed Advanced Nursing Practice Scholarship awards $3,000 to an outstanding emergency nurse who is pursuing a master’s degree.
  • The Pamela Stinson Kidd Memorial Doctoral Scholarship is awarded to a nurse pursuing a doctoral degree. The applicant’s dissertation must be related to emergency nursing.  One scholarship worth $10,000 is awarded.

Allen College, Iowa

Allen College offers over 100 nursing scholarships, some of them tailored to attract students with an interest in emergency, cardiac, or critical care nursing, such as the Shirley Fredrickson Memorial Scholarship. In addition, students drawn to either emergency, obstetrical, or critical care nursing are invited to apply for the Barbara Fulcher Memorial Scholarship. Applicants for this funding must be at in their sophomore year or higher. See the college website for more scholarships and information. Links to additional scholarships offered outside the school are also available.

Georgia Regents University, School of Nursing

The Rebecca Andrews Scholarship provides $250 in financial assistance to one undergraduate and one graduate student each year. Undergraduate applicants must be in their senior year of study toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, with an interest in emergency nursing. Graduate students must exemplify excellent leadership qualities. Each candidate is required to submit a paper discussing Emergency Nursing, two letters of recommendation, and a resume. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required.

Lander University, Department of Nursing, South Carolina

Lander University offers several nursing scholarships. Junior or senior nursing students with an interest in Emergency or Cardiac/Critical Care Nursing are invited to apply for the Kimberly Lauren Trotter Memorial Nursing Scholarship. Please note that applicants for this scholarship must have achieved a GPA of 2.6 or higher.

Emory University, School of Nursing, Atlanta, Georgia

Students enrolled in the Masters of Science in Nursing program, including Emergency Nurse Practitioner, are eligible to apply for the Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship. Candidates for this scholarship are required to have distinguished themselves academically, be highly motivated with respect to their studies, and possess exceptional communication skills. The applicants’ leadership abilities are also taken into account when selecting scholarship recipients.


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