Aerospace Engineering Scholarships

Degrees Earn You Exciting Careers in Aviation and Space Exploration

Technical personnel who work in the aviation and space industries are educated in reputable aerospace engineering and aeronautics programs across the country. Undergraduate Bachelor of Science Degrees are starting points for aerospace education, which often continues on to graduate research work for qualified academics.  Use campus-specific resources, and scholarships from professional organizations to help realize your aerospace engineering potential.

Scholarship Opportunitiesaerospace engineering scholarships

Like many professional organizations, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics provides higher education funding for student -members. These recent scholarships reflect the AIAA commitment to educating future aeronautics professionals:

  • Money to Learn Scholarships give undergraduate and graduate students a leg up pursuing aerospace engineering education.   Awards are given to over 30 eligible candidates and the selection process looks at academic talent, as well as financial need.
  • AIAA Foundation Scholarships are given to students enrolled in aerospace engineering programs who are advancing through their sophomore year of study. Special consideration is given to those students who exhibit outstanding aptitude for aerospace engineering, and best embody the tenets of the foundation. Awards are worth as much as $2500 each.
  • Abe Zarem Awards are given to students who are talented technical writers, with expertise in aerospace engineering subjects.

NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program provides educational funding for promising undergraduates, as well as graduate-level researchers. Undergrads qualify for annual scholarships worth $15.000 each, which are earmarked for educational expenses in approved programs.  Awards support students for two years, and include a summer internship program valued at 10K.  Graduate students receive stipends worth $35,000 annually, in addition to eleven-thousand dollars worth of annual educational funding.  Internships are also included, and the graduate program has an option to be extended for an additional year, for qualified researchers.

Women in Aerospace Foundation advocates for females earning their places in the aerospace industry.  One Foundation initiative provides college scholarships for deserving students.  Each year, two scholarships valued at $2000 are disbursed to aerospace students meeting the following eligibility requirements:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Completed minimum of 2.5 years of instruction at the time of application.
  • Attending accredited institution of higher education
  • Working toward a Bachelor’s degree
  • Female
  • Pursuing career in the aerospace industry

Winners are honored at the organization’s annual October awards dinner.

The Aerospace States Association is committed to education in physical science and engineering fields.  The ASA puts-forth scholarships worth $2000 each, reserved annually for sophomores and juniors working toward aeronautics degrees.  Scholarships are not renewable, so each successful applicant can win only once.  Additional requirements for landing ASA Scholarships, which must be submitted by April 30th to be considered for fall-semester tuition assistance:

  • Proof of community participation
  • Record of scholastic extracurricular activities
  • Official high school transcript
  • Verifiable cumulative GPA score

Campus Aid for Aerospace Engineers

Individual campuses support their aerospace programs with supplemtntal scholarships that bridge the affordibility gap for stand-out degree candidates.  These recent campus-specifc scholarship examples bring aerospace education within reach for top students:

University of Minnesota sponsors scholarships for students enrolled in the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department:

  • Dennis Longren Scholarship Fund is open to undergraduate students in the program who show demonstrated academic achievement in combination with financial need.
  • R. Minkin Aerospace Engineering Scholarship is given to an outstanding sophomore in the program. Awards are worth $500 each.
  • Boeing Scholarships award up to $3,000 each to eligible applicants in their junior year.  Successful candidates are at the head of their classes, academically, and interested in careers with Boeing.

Auburn University sponsors nearly a dozen endowed scholarships for students enrolled in the aerospace engineering program:

  • Fred Martin Annual Scholarship in Aerospace Engineering is designated for students with academic merit who are members of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
  • Rodney Bradford Endowment is awarded annually, to a financially needy student from Alabama pursuing a major in aerospace engineering.

Texas A&M University Aerospace Engineering Department sponsors the following scholarships for students pursuing Aerospace Engineering degrees:

  • Benjamin and Deanna Smith Scholarships are awarded to juniors in the aerospace engineering program. Awards are distributed to academic standouts, and are worth $1,000 each year.
  • Michael Ebanks Scholarship awards up to $1,000 annually, to an upper level student.
  • Patrick and Carol Gibson Scholarships are given to upper level students at the tops of their academic classes. Each applicant must submit an essay to be considered, and include a professional resume and letters of recommendation with the application.


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