Classical Studies Scholarships

Study Latin, Greek or Ancient Texts

Classical Studies are all about ancient Mediterranean cultures and civilizations, with a main focuses on the Greeks and Romans. These ancient societies have influenced much of our modern culture. Architecture, art, education, politics, economics, business and even sports all had influences from these civilizations. Even in the midst of our hyper-technical world, almost every tool or activity can be traced back to their ancient roots.

Students pursuing Classical Studies are often interested in teaching the Classics or completing graduate and post-graduate work for a career in academia. Still others use this major to lay groundwork for future studies in liberal arts. Classical Studies majors typically have the option to specialize in ancient civilizations, or the Greek or Latin languages.

classical studies scholarships

Scholarship Programs

The Department of Classical Studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia offers a Classical Translation Prize Contest. Students may compete for a $150 cash prize for the best translation of Horace’s Odes, for Undergraduates, or Propertius’ Carm for Graduate Students. This involves taking the Latin text and translating it into an eloquent English version. Students in the department may also qualify for:

  • The LaBrunerie Greek Prize is awarded to a person who stands out as the most accomplished student in their Classical Studies major.
  • The Walter Miller Fellowship is an award that is given to an outstanding Graduate student in the Classical Studies major.

Boston University scholarships for Classical Studies students include:

  • The College Prize for Excellence in Classical Studies is rewarded to a senior who has shown outstanding academic accomplishments in their studies of Classical languages. The recipient is chosen by faculty members from the Department of Classical Studies.
  • The Dean Elsbeth Melville Latin Prize is awarded to a student who has demonstrated a superior knowledge of the ancient Latin language. Preference is shown to students with an interest in the field of classical studies beyond college.
  • The John Oddy Memorial Award is designed for a female in the department who has shown outstanding achievement in Classical Civilization studies. Preference will be given to those students with financial needs.
  • The Meyer Reinhold Prize is meted out to only the most accomplished students in the study of Ancient History, Classical Tradition, or Roman Civilization.

The University of North Carolina-Greensboro Department of Classical Studies provides both Bachelors and Masters degrees in various majors. The institution specializes in Preparing future Latin Teachers. Scholarships are available to students who are majoring in Classical Studies:

  • Classical Studies Travel Grants are awarded to students who need funding for studies abroad.
  • The Francis Laine Memorial Prize is awarded to junior and senior students who are majoring in Classical Studies.
  • Scholarships for Outstanding Accomplishments in Classical Studies is a scholarship honoring students who have gone well above and beyond typical coursework.

The Classical Studies program at Vanderbilt University immerses students in classical studies, from Greek or Latin languages to ancient civilizations. Scholarships available in the department include:

The Classical Studies Program at the University of Texas-Arlington prepares students for careers in teaching, academia and other fields of study as well as providing a superlative traditional liberal arts degree. Scholarships include:


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