Scholarships for Dance Students

Liberal Arts Education with a Dance Major

Whether your passion is modern dance or ballet, majoring in dance and choreography requires talent, discipline and hard work. Whether your ultimate goal is performance or education, studying dance at the college level takes time, serious dedication, and of course – money. Like all students pursuing an art major, dancers may find the rising costs of tuition at both four year colleges and performing arts schools to be prohibitive.

Fortunately, there are a number of scholarship opportunities specifically designed to support students studying dance in all of its myriad forms. These scholarships are highly competitive, and dance students will need to work hard if they are to win the awards they need to supplement their education fund.

The majority of dance scholarships are strictly merit-based. While some do take financial need into consideration, final awards are almost always determined on the basis of academic achievement and dancing ability.

When applying for any dance scholarship, students should be prepared to provide their school transcripts, letters of recommendation, and an audition video/DVD that shows off their dancing skills. As with all art scholarships, talent and passion will be the deciding scholarships

Dance scholarships are sponsored by a number of different sources, including businesses and corporations, art foundations, performing arts schools and universities. Students interested in pursuing dance at the college level should speak with their dance instructors for information on national and regional scholarships for which they may be eligible.

Dance Scholarships Supported by Corporations and Foundations

Students looking for financial assistance to help them pursue their studies in dance and choreography will find that a large number of scholarships are available from performing arts foundations, as well as businesses and corporations with close ties to the dance industry. Eligibility requirements for these scholarships will vary greatly, depending on the sponsor. Some may be open to students from all parts of the country, while others may target students from specific regions.

The following are examples of dance scholarships supported by businesses and foundations around the country.

Scholarships from Colleges and Performing Arts Schools

Many young dancers may find that there are scholarship opportunities available through their college or performing arts school. These programs are designed to attract the most talented students to the school’s campus. Interested students should speak with their department heads, and their financial aid adviser, for information on possible dance scholarships for which they may be eligible.

The following dance scholarships are typical of the programs administered by colleges and schools around the country.

Dance scholarships are highly competitive, and students are often required to participate in a number of auditions before final awards are given. Students majoring in dance and choreography have chosen a challenging path, but with talent, dedication and hard work they can find the scholarships they need to make their dancing dreams a reality.