Scholarships for General Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies are Often Designed for Non-Traditional Students

General Studies, often called Interdisciplinary Studies, provide an all-around liberal arts degree. General Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies majors are exposed to all liberal arts disciplines and, as a result, gain an insightful education that helps them narrow their focus for graduate studies, including law or medicine, or allows for a range of entry-level jobs in any number of career fields, including business, communications, public relations, education, or the arts.

General Studies programs are often designed to achieve one of two goals: to fulfill the unique needs of non-traditional students, or to provide an organized introduction to majors and career tracks for undecided undergraduates. Non-traditional students appreciate the flexibility the coursework often allows by letting them work at their own pace.

general studies scholarships

Scholarship Programs

The University of Texas-Dallas School of Interdisciplinary Studies offers students the opportunity to achieve a bachelor’s degree in arts or science. Each student designs their own program with an advisor, so the focus is almost limitless. Areas of specialization include gender studies and American studies, which focuses on the cultures, institutions, arts, structure, and social processes of the United States. There also are minors for health care studies and environmental studies. UT-D provides scholarships specifically designed for interdisciplinary students:

Columbia University in New York is an Ivy Leagues university with one of the most robust General Studies programs in the nation. The school’s General Studies scholarships can range from $500 to $18,000 based on academic record and financial need. Students enrolled in the CU program often have their sights set on medical school and other upper-level programs. General Studies at CU was created specifically for returning and non-traditional students.

The Bread Upon the Waters Scholarships through the University of Pennsylvania are designed women older than 30 years old who are enrolled part-time in the General Studies program and for whom financial aid is not readily available. Awards pay for up to six courses each academic year until the recipient graduates. This unique offering is generously funded by GS alumni. The university’s College of Liberal and Professional Studies also offers scholarships department-wide:

The Center for Continuing Studies at the University of Connecticut offers the non-traditional adult student the opportunity to pursue a Bachelors in General Studies. Scholarships provide one more reason to keep students engaged: