Fashion Design Scholarships

Careers in Fashion Design, Marketing or Advertising

Your sketchpad full of trendy designs could well be the start of a promising run at a fashion related career.  Passion, inspiration and strong design sense are key components, but formal education paves the way for success in the competitive field. Fashion majors are found among large and small college programs, and at stand alone design schools that specialize in educating industry role-players.

Most programs offer opportunities in fashion design and fashion merchandising, but the wide-ranging career potential for fashion and design graduates does not end there.  A range of employment options within the industry utilizes a wide variety of skill-sets, so there is more than one ‘type’ of fashion and design student.  Consider these career options within the fashion, advertising and marketing fields:

There are plenty of mainstream jobs for fashion graduates, so dial in your design dreams and set a course for a worthy program.  Scholarship opportunities originate on individual campuses, in support of fashion-related academic programs – and competitions also yield funding for fashion and design school.  The following entries illustrate the types of aid available for diverse fashion-industry training.

Scholarship Programs for Fashion Majors

Texas Tech University hosts a comprehensive program in Apparal Design and Manufacturing.  Several scholarship initiatives are available for promising fashion school applicants at Texas Tech.

Students in the Fashion Design program at Syracuse University, and other schools, are eligible for Mike Alesko Design Scholarships. Undergraduate students apply outstanding creative talent in fashion and related graphic design to compete for $1500 scholarships.

The Passion for Fashion Competition is open to talented high school students, who showcase their fashion and retail savvy in order to earn money for education. The contest is sponsored by Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Top winners receive up to $70,000 worth of educational credit to cover their tuition at any AI campus. Applicants submit “completed evening wear” pieces or ”marketing plans” that highlight their potential.

Talented fashion design students compete for summer sessions at the well-known Parsons School of Design, in New York. Winners receive tuition-free summer program packages that advance their design careers.  Each award includes a travel stipend and an internship-type arrangement with an experienced industry professional.

Fashion Design students enrolled at Kent State University enjoy access to several scholarships programs that also support education majors in business and other ancillary fashion-industry disciplines. Among the awards:

Mount Mary College, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin offers two fashion industry majors: Merchandising and Product Development. The small liberal arts college offers a variety of scholarships for fashion majors:

American Intercontinental University encourages students to study abroad. AIU supports student efforts by providing scholarships that offset costs for 5-week, 10-week and 11-week study abroad programs. Students choose study destinations that include Florence, Paris, London and Dubai. Scholarships available for fashion majors include: