Dwarfism Scholarships

Big Scholarships for Little People

Scholarships recognize individual attributes, in an attempt to equalize educational opportunity for all college-aged students.  Ethnic heritage, gender, sexual orientation, state of residence and a host of other individual features are taken into account when issuing student assistance.

Athletes, and academic high achievers are rewarded for performance above and beyond the standards maintained by their contemporaries. Subject-specific opportunities place scholarship incentives in the hands of students who choose to study in particular, high-demand areas, like education, health care, foreign language and tech-heavy STEM subjects.

Successful scholarship seekers cover all the angles, drawing from personal traits and abilities to land the greatest amounts of financial aid possible. Dwarfism, like other unique characteristics, opens scholarship doors for Little People.  Highly specialized scholarships, designated for narrow target audiences, like individuals exhibiting characteristics of Dwarfism, are exclusive and few in number – but they do exist.dwarfism scholarships for college

Dwarfism is a condition related to birth irregularities. There is current research being done on growth hormone defects, as well as specialized research addressing phenomena like achondroplasia and Seckyl syndrome. Dwarfism is rare, and some forms have been mapped to specific gene anomalies. While there are instances of dwarfism being hereditary, it is also common to have it occur outside of heredity.

Scholarship Programs

Little People of America organization is a widespread and well-funded resource for those with dwarfism, and for family and friends associated with them. LPA provides a common forum for members who want to reach out and socialize, collaborate, or otherwise touch base with someone who shares similar challenges. The organization maintains a website that links to resources in the medical community, particularly those of interest to individuals with the condition. LPA does not discriminate on any basis, and is willing to dole out scholarships to individuals who do not have dwarfism – when awards go unfilled by applicants affected first-hand. However, preference for landing aid is always given to members with the condition. Applicants are expected to “pay it forward” once they have finished school, by serving the community in such a way as to demonstrate thanks for the scholarship assistance. Funding varies.

The Billy Barty Foundation is one of the most well known organizations advocating for individuals with dwarfism – resulting from Barty’s quirky TV presence on the 1970′s Krofft Supershow, where he portrayed the irreverent sidekick to the show’s antagonist, Dr. Shrinker.  Barty’s visibility goes beyond Shrinker, and his celebrity status contributes to positive outcomes for little people. During his life, Barty was committed to demonstrating that “little people” are just regular folks with families and careers, and passions that motivate them.When passion equals higher education, Barty’s legacy steps-in with financial assistance for college. Billy Barty Scholarships are awarded annually, funded by earnings from the foundation’s celebrity golf tournament. Qualified applicants are enrolled in colleges and universities, and are required to prove they have a “medical form of dwarfism.”

General scholarship funds are also in-place to assist college students with medical challenges.  Your campus financial aid office has current profiles available, of college financial aid programs that may embrace participants with dwarfism.


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