Religion and Theology College Student Aid

Scholarship and Grant Options

Like other educational pursuits, religious studies have the potential to strain student budgets.  Seminaries and college campuses engaged in training religious professionals are in the business of matching prospective ministers with the financial resources required to train them.  If you plan to work in a church ministry or attend seminary after college, take advantage of the  financial helping hands available at all educational levels.

Faith-based foundations and memorial funds provide college aid that can be applied to a wide variety of degree pursuits.  Theology fellowships and other aid funded by churches should not be overlooked as valuable financial aid resources.  Use your faith, volunteerism and other personal qualities to open educational doors within religious disciplines.

Theology Foundations and Trustsreligion scholarships

The Mary E. Bivins Foundation Religious Scholarship Program serves students seeking undergraduate or graduate degrees that will prepare them to serve as Christian ministers.   To qualify, graduate students must maintain grade point averages of at least 3.0, while undergrads are held to a 2.75 or higher standard.

The scholarships are valued at $2500 per semester for students pursuing bachelor’s degrees, and $3500 per semester for graduate level studies.   Graduate students must complete 9 credit hours, and undergraduates 12, before applying to become Bivins Scholars.

Ohio Baptist Education Society stands committed to advancing baptist theological education within the state. To prepare well-educated professional baptist ministers, the organization distributes financial aid from these four distinct scholarship funds to worthy student ministers annually:

To be considered for any of the OPES Scholarship programs, candidates are required to submit application materials by April 1st.

The Generosity Trust administers the Dora Maclellen Brown Ministry Scholarship Program to help Tennessee Christians pursue educational credentials at the post-baccalaureate level.  To qualify, applicants must be:

Doctoral candidates are not eligible, and strong preference for the scholarship awards is given to students who plan to be pulpit ministers following completion of their master’s programs.

The Fund for Theological Education grants fellowships for faith based learning.  The organization is approaching its sixtieth anniversary and has supplied over 7000 fellowships during the course of its dedicated service to the ministry.  The wide variety of financial aid put forth for theology students includes:

Civic and Church Organizations

Each individual faith maintains its own share of support for educating future leaders.  As a theology student in need of college aid, local churches and chapters of national religious organizations stand as funding opportunities.  Look for locally administered programs that advance your educational goals within your religion.

The Disciples Home Missions organization supports members of the Christian Church called the Disciples of Christ. This organization offers a number of scholarships for religion and theology students.

These faith-specific resources enable targeted searches for financial aid that speaks to your religious affiliation:

College and University Scholarships

Campus-specific financial aid is an important part of the complete college funding picture.  Individual campuses, especially those engaged in specialized pursuits like training ministers, often put forth the most generous financial aid available.  Program advisers and campus financial aid offices are best prepared to guide you to financial aid that applies to your specific theological education goals.

Westminster College in Wilmington Pennsylvania is a Presbyterian school that presents several scholarships to students with ministerial aspirations.

High Point University in North Carolina offers scholarships to students majoring in religion or theology who intend to pursue roles as professional ministers. Monetary awards vary from year to year, but recent examples include these memorial scholarship funds.

Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena offers several unique financial aid programs for students pursuing theological degrees.  The namesake School of Theology Scholarship is awarded to a student with exceptional academic achievement.  Other scholarship potential can be found among other Fuller funds that carry their own distinct eligibility requirements.

Boston University School of Theology maintains this valuable list of financial aid resources that are available to students of particular religious callings.  These outside sources of theological scholarships, grants and loans supplement the campus-specific programs put in place by the school.