Libertarian Party College Scholarships

Action and Principle

Founded in 1971, in the United States, the Libertarian Party takes a strong stance on civil liberties, laissez-faire principles, minimal government involvement, unrestricted self-defense rights, abolition of victimless crime laws, and in government which is required by statute, to be fiscally responsible.

The Party operates as a third representative, in the country’s two-party system.  In 2006, the number of Libertarian Party members numbered over 200,000; and in 2004 the group achieved over 1 million votes for their presidential candidate, for the third time, consecutively. The party has growing representation, with more then 600 of its members holding public office.

For students of higher education, the Libertarian Party provides unique access to political science principles and how they are applied to governing.  Financial incentives also extend from the group, for college students who want to learn more.

Statement of PrinciplesLibertarian scholarships

The Libertarian Party’s “Statement of Principles” outlines the Party’s core beliefs. According to the statement, every individual has ‘sole dominion over his or her own life’ as long as it does not interfere with the rights of other sovereign citizens. The Libertarian Party claims the moniker: The Party with Principles.

Two-Dimensional Political System

The Libertarian Party’s Nolan Chart underscores the group’s belief that the political system is two-dimensional, rather than one-dimensional. It uses The World’s Smallest Political Quiz to help individuals better determine their own political leanings, rather than automatically placing themselves in the traditional conservative right/liberal left classification paradigm. The metric has divided political views into five basic categories: Centrist, Left (Liberal), Libertarian, Right (Conservative), and Statist (Big Government). The quiz scores are based upon ‘agree’, ‘disagree’ and ‘maybe’ answers to 10 brief questions regarding political issues.

The Differences

Constitutionalism provides the foundation for the Party’s platform, which supports limited government and high levels of individual liberties.  On some issues, Libertarians appear closely aligned with conservatives, and are thus often linked to the Republican Party.

In other instances, Libertarian candidates have been known to throw their support behind causes traditionally associated with the left, or the Democrat Party.  Joining the Libertarian Party, and becoming a Sustaining Member of the Libertarian Party, requires payment of an annual membership fee. The fee covers the costs associated with producing an official membership card and a one-year subscription to the Party’s official magazine. Lifetime memberships are also available.

Where the Libertarian Party is Found

Headquarters for the Libertarian Party are located in Washington, D.C., and all 50 states operate branches of the National Libertarian Party organization.  For mobilizing support on campus, many high schools and universities, across the country have Libertarian Party organizations.

The Libertarian Leadership School

Supporters of the Libertarian Leadership School have provided support for as many as 160 students to attend annually. The purpose of the school is to teach students, in a 6-week course, a curriculum of political topics, including chapters about being a candidate and guidelines for accessing the ballot. Coursework involves three segments: Affiliate Training, Campaign Training, and Electives. For more information regarding this school, and to confirm current availability and funding opportunities, interested applicants are encouraged to contact the Libertarian Party directly.

State Chapters are active in educational promotion, like New Jersey’s affiliate, which recently posted these freedom-focused opportunities for Libertarian fellowships and internships:

  • Charles G. Koch Summer Fellows Program
  • IHS Journalism Internship
  • IHS Production Intern Program

FreedomFest is an annual gathering of freedom-minded activists, who rally around Libertarian speakers and advocate for Constitutional protection.  The event also sponsors a scholarship earmarked for educating conservative applicants committed to the Libertarian Party platform.


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