Forensic Accounting Scholarships

Study to Become the New CSI CPA

Forensic accounting involves the kind of fiscal detective work necessary to evaluate the accuracy of a business’, or individual’s, financial data. Forensic accountants may be called upon to manage bankruptcies, advise on investments, or consult on potential mergers and acquisitions.

More often than not, forensic accountants are reviewing financial reports as they relate to fraud, embezzlement, and other white collar crimes. Forensic accountants play a vital role in keeping corporations honest, and in protecting the interests of their investors.forensic accounting scholarships


Forensic accountants need a strong educational background in business and business management. They are required to have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Most successful forensic accountants hold a master’s degree, and are both certified public accountants (CPA) and certified fraud examiners (CFE).

The demand for qualified forensic accountants is on the rise, and students pursuing this career path will find a wide range of lucrative employment opportunities. Entry level forensic accountant can earn between $30,000 and $60,000 a year. Experienced professionals can easily earn more than $150,000 year.

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarships for forensic accounting are typically available to students who have reached their junior year of study in an accredited business or accounting course. Scholarship opportunities for students interested in forensic accounting are almost always merit-based, and will only be offered to students with solid academic backgrounds. Scholarship and grant programs dedicated to the study of forensic accounting are supported by business and professional associations, and colleges and universities.

Forensic Accounting Scholarships from Professional Associations

Many scholarships for students pursuing careers in forensic accounting are sponsored by businesses and professional associations. The purpose of these financial aid programs is to support and encourage the next generation of top flight accountants, with an emphasis on those students pursuing careers in fraud prevention and law enforcement. These scholarships are supported by both national and regional organizations.

The following examples are typical of the types of scholarships available from the private sector for students pursuing careers in forensic accounting.

Forensic Accounting Scholarships from Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are often the best source of scholarships for students majoring in forensic accounting. As with all campus-based financial aid, scholarship opportunities will vary greatly depending on the school of attendance. Students are encouraged to visit their school’s office of financial aid to learn about any scholarship opportunities which may be available. Students should also consult their college advisers, as well as their department heads, for information on possible scholarship opportunities.

The following scholarship programs will give forensic accounting majors a better idea of what may be available from their college or university.

Forensic accounting is a growing field, and students will find a wide range of possible employment opportunities awaiting them following graduation. The study is intense, and the college costs can be significant, but with the right scholarships forensic accounting majors can find the financial assistance they need to make the career ambitions a reality.