Finance Scholarships

Finance is Fierce, Compete for Generous Scholarships

Finance and Accounting have taken their place alongside the most popular of college majors. As the global economy becomes more interrelated, the need for highly trained accounting professionals has grown exponentially and career prospects for college graduates with degrees in Finance have never been better. But students majoring in Finance face stiff competition, and while the business sector is hungry for new talent they only want the best and brightest. For students majoring in Finance and Accounting that means applying to the best business schools in the country, and completing extensive coursework in financial investments, capital management, securities, and international business law.

The better the education the better the career prospects, but that education can be expensive and many students will need to rely on scholarships to help them complete their business studies.

Scholarships for students majoring in Finance and Accounting are typically supported by business schools, colleges and universities, professional associations, and corporations. Finance is a popular major, and that is reflected by the number of available scholarships. However, while the popularity of a major drives up the number of scholarships available for students, it also increases the competition for those scholarships. Students majoring in Finance and Accounting should be prepared to go up against some stiff competition when applying for those coveted scholarship awards.

Scholarships from Colleges and Universitiesfinance scholarships

Colleges, universities, and business schools are prime sources of scholarship opportunities for students majoring in Finance. Schools work hard to attract the very best students to their campuses, and to do that they often offer financial aid as a recruitment incentive. Campus-based scholarships for Finance and Accounting majors are available for both undergraduate and graduate level students. Finance majors are encouraged to speak with their department head, and to visit their school’s offices of financial aid, for details on scholarship opportunities for which they may be eligible.

The following selection of campus-based scholarships should give Finance and Accounting majors a better idea of they types of financial aid available from colleges, universities, and business schools.

Scholarships from the Business Community

Businesses, corporations, and professional associations are also major sponsors of scholarships for Finance and Accounting students. Scholarships from the business community are designed to encourage and support the next generation of financial professionals, and may or may not be aligned with a specific college or university. In some instances, Finance scholarships sponsored by corporations and professional associations will target historically underrepresented student groups such as women and minorities.

Students majoring in Finance have a wealth of professional opportunities ahead of them. They may find work within the private sector, managing financial investments, stocks and securities, or they may find themselves with government positions overseeing various aspects of international trade. The future for Finance majors is as extensive as their educational background. Students looking to take a place in the financial sector will find a wide variety of scholarship opportunities designed to help them pay for the education they need to make their professional ambitions a reality.