Scholarships For Multiple Sclerosis

Money for Those Affected by MS

Multiple Sclerosis, more commonly referred to as MS, is a neurological disorder that affects the nerves of the brain and spinal cord. MS can lead to the loss of visual acuity, numbness in the extremities, muscle fatigue and muscle spasticity, and loss of bladder and bowel control. It is estimated that nearly half-a-million people in the United States are afflicted with MS, though that number could be significantly higher as MS is often misdiagnosed in its early stages.

Students with MS face many challenges, not the least of which is finding the money to pay for college. Treatments for MS can often be expensive, and families can find it difficult to set aside money for a college fund. Fortunately, there are a number of scholarship opportunities designed specifically for students affected by Multiple Sclerosis. These scholarship programs address the financial needs of students who have been diagnosed with MS, as well as students who have a parent or other family member who is struggling with the disease.

MS scholarships

Scholarships for students affected by Multiple Sclerosis are typically supported by national charitable foundations and/or personal endowments. While there are a number of national scholarship programs devoted to people affected by MS, students should also look to regional MS support groups for financial aid opportunities that may be available closer to home. As with any scholarship or grant program dedicated to students with a disability, applicants should be prepared to provide medical documentation of their condition.

Students with a family member suffering from MS who are applying for a scholarship will also be required to submit their relative’s medical history in order to be considered for any award.

National Scholarships

National scholarships for students affected by Multiple Sclerosis are most often sponsored by charitable foundations and associations who advocate for MS victims, or are involved in the research and treatment of the disorder. College-bound students with advanced MS should also consider the many general disability scholarships that are available for people with restricted mobility or visual impairment.

The following national scholarships are typical of what is available for students affected by Multiple Sclerosis:

Regional Scholarships

Many regional scholarships are also available for students affected by Multiple Sclerosis. These awards are typically supported by personal endowments, or by regional MS Societies. The majority of these regional scholarships will require that the applicant be a graduate of a specific high school, or be enrolled at a particular college or university. Students looking for locally funded scholarships should consult their high school counselors, or their college’s office of financial aid.

The following examples should give students affected by MS a better idea of what may be available at the local level.

Students impacted by Multiple Sclerosis, either directly or through a family member, understand the challenges that MS patients face on a daily basis. While MS can be debilitating, and is often accompanied by stifling depression, it should not be a barrier to pursuing a college education and achieving one’s personal ambitions. Students affected by Multiple Sclerosis, who are struggling to find the money to pay for college, will find that there are a wide variety of scholarship programs designed to help them realize their educational and personal goals.