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Graphic Communications majors are exposed to a wide variety of academic disciplines, including course work in sociology, modern printmaking, marketing and finance. The major emphasizes successful degree candidates’ ability to function as coordinators, collaborators and ultimately to be able to put-forth successful campaigns in the appropriate mediums for graphic communication.  From traditional graphics and printing processes, to highly technical industrial applications, graphics communications gain exposure through education – which requires financial aid.

Graphic Communications Department Graduates work in advertising, printing, web design, journalism, as technical document specialists and as teachers and educators. The field today offers cutting edge opportunities and a constantly changing palette of tools and techniques.

Private Scholarshipsgraphic communications scholarships

The Electronic Document Systems Foundation supports professionals engaged in a variety of fields, including graphic communications. The organization provides a number of scholarships to its members, including these recent awards:

  • University of Houston students are given first preference for the Dr. Aurel Zajta Scholarship. Applicants must be concentrating in “mathematics-based” documentation or graphics to be considered for the $1,000 prizes.
  • EDSF Board of Directors Scholarships go to outstanding student members in graphic communications and other document communications majors. Eligible applicants have reached upper-classmen status.
  • Heidelberg USA Scholarships are awarded to talented graphic communications majors.
  • Hoods Memorial Scholarships go to majors in graphic or document communications whose career interests are in public relations.

The Graphic Communications Scholarship, Award and Career Advancement Foundation, Inc. offers scholarships for graduating high school students whose college curricula lead to coursework in graphic communications. The program supports the educational pursuits of students in the greater New York City area, who are already enrolled in college or university programs leading to graphic communications degrees.  Application deadlines are in mid-May, for scholarships that are applied to college expenses the following fall semester.  Winners receive their awards at the organizations June awards ceremony.  In addition to educational funding, the Foundation provides mentoring opportunities, career advice, internship coordination, work-study programs, and other initiatives that increase awareness about graphic communications employment opportunities.

IPA or the Association of Graphic Solutions Providers offers students who choose Graphics Communication majors an opportunity to earn awards that recognize exemplary academics. Applicants for the Robert S. Swan/IPA Scholarship Fund are required to submit faculty references, as well as the names of clubs and organizations of involvement.

College financial assistance comes from wide-ranging industry resources, including organizations representing narrow professional specialties. The Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute, Inc. is committed to training qualified and high caliber professionals for the field. In fact, the organization issues financial assistance for student members in pursuit of graphic communications credentials.  The organization funds the TLMI Scholarship, which goes to candidates with career interests in flexography, a type of printing. Awards are each valued at $1,000.

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation awards a large stable of annual scholarships for graphics communications majors. Eligible applicants are attending two or four-year programs, and have superior academic records. Undergraduate awards are valued up to $1,500 each. While not widely publicized, the group also administers a select catalog of fellowships earmarked for master’s level graphics communications studies.  Each scholarship awarded facilitates the groups stated mission of strengthening the industry through education.

Colleges Issue Graphic Communications Scholarships

The City College of San Francisco includes a Graphics Communication department among its academic programs. A modest scholarship, the John Palmer Scholarship, is awarded annually to qualified GC students. Awards are each valued at $150. The department offers two majors: Graphic Arts and Print Production. The two-year program gives students a general taste of the highly technical field, preparing them for employment as web designers, graphic artists, production assistants, illustrators and digital or offset printers.

Graphic Communications Management students at Murray State University are eligible for almost a dozen scholarships. Undergraduate and graduate students each enjoy access to financial aid, which is distributed based on each applicant’s aptitude, leadership abilities, decision-making proficiency and personnel management skills:

  • Roy Luckett, Tom Gray Scholarships are funded by NEC and provide generous awards to students majoring in Graphics Communications Management.
  • Gravure Education Foundation Scholarships award $1,500 each, to outstanding applicants whose abilities expound on the printing technique of “gravure.”
  • Louisville Graphic Arts Educational Fund recognizes the outstanding academic efforts of students from the Kentucky region


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