College Scholarships Foundation Media, Publishing, and Communications Scholarship

Scholarship Amount

We're currently suspending this scholarship. We sincerely appoligize.

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Scholarship Date      

Application Due By

May 25 May 15
June 25 June 15
September 25 September 15
December 25 December 15

The Purpose

With the creation of the World Wide Web, publishing business models and content distribution businesses are changing faster than ever. Many content creators are leveraging search and using blogging and other publishing formats to reduce certain types of publishing to a vanity level. Will traditional media survive? In what form? From newspaper, to radio, to television, and now the internet, information exchange has never been faster. Not only is information moving quickly, but there are many more people fighting for attention. To fight back against falling marketshare many of the leading news sources are now relying on their customers to help create their content.

We believe that open communication channels are important for democracy to function. We would like to help an innovative student push the boundaries of traditional media.

Eligibility Requirements:

Candidates for our scholarship must meet the following criteria

  • U.S. citizen;
  • 3.0 GPA;
  • Currently attending full-time in post-secondary education (undergraduate or graduate); and
  • Major in Journalism, Communications, or other Media related fields

How Do I Apply?

**We are not accepting applications at this time in 2007**.

Ideal Candidates

As tuition and college expenses continue to rise, we feel it is in our best interest to help the most deserving students. This brings us many tough decisions in deciding who is the most "deserving".

Our ideal candidate is someone who sticks out amongst the crowd of applicants. After reading your essay and credentials, we want to know you're the winner without any doubts. Here's a hint - the best way to do this is to write in your own unique style and with total honesty.