West Virginia Student Grants for College

Fund Your Education with Free Grant Money

Very few college-bound students have the financial resources to pay for their post-secondary education entirely out of pocket. With education costs continuing to rise, nearly every student will need to seek out some measure of financial aid to help them pay for college. In an effort to make college more accessible to students throughout the country, many states have developed grant and scholarship programs designed to provide financial support for residents who are pursuing their post-secondary education.

West Virginia supports a variety of grants for its resident students who are struggling to meet the costs of their college education. These programs are funded by the state, and are administered by the College Foundation of West Virginia. These grant programs help thousands of West Virginians every year find the extra money they need to supplement their education fund.

The Importance of the FAFSAwest virginia grants

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is step one in the search for financial aid for college. The FAFSA is used by both Federal and state governments to determine a student’s eligibility for any government sponsored financial aid for college. It is also used by most colleges and universities, as well as by independent scholarship and grant supporters, to determine a student’s eligibility for grants or scholarships, and to decide on final award allowances.

Students should make filling out and submitting their FAFSA a top priority before applying for any grants, scholarships or student loans to help them pay for college.

General Grants and Scholarships for West Virginia Residents

The West Virginia state legislature has earmarked funds for a variety of scholarships and grants designed to make college more accessible to its resident students. These programs are a combination of merit-based and need-based awards, and are only offered to current legal residents of the state who are enrolled, or preparing to enroll, in a state college or university. As with all state supported financial aid for college, programs are subject to changes in legislation and availability of funds.

Subject-Specific Grants and Scholarships in West Virginia

In addition to the general grants and scholarships offered by the state for its resident students, West Virginia also funds a number of subject-specific awards for students with specific educational or career goals. These programs support students who are pursuing degrees in certain high demand areas. In some cases, these are award-for-service programs and students will be required to complete a predetermined term of service working within the state in their chosen field.

The government of West Virginia understands the importance of making college more accessible to its residents, and to that end have earmarked a portion of the state’s resources to encourage and support students in the college endeavors. West Virginians will find more information on grants and scholarships, as well as helpful tips on saving for college and managing an education fund, at the College Foundation of West Virginia.