Taking the MCAT

Test Eligibility

Entering Medical School? If so, most schools require that you take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) as an admissions requirement.

You must at least have some education from prerequisites dealing with the medical field.


It's a standard multiple choice format to test your knowledge, along with critical thinking, problem solving, and writing skills. You cannot take the test more than three times, unless you write them and get a personal exception.

The test is seen as valid for a period of three years. For example, if you took the test in 2004, most medical universities would accept your scores as legit until 2007.

There are four sections of the test:

  • Physical Sciences
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Biological Sciences
  • Writing Sample

The first three mentioned above are scored from 1 to 15. The Writing Sample section has only 2 questions and the scoring ranges from J to T.

Changes and Cancellations

If for whatever reason you have to cancel, only a 50% partial refund will be given. You must do this within 10 days of the test date. You must write the MCAT Program Office if you want to change the address they have on file to where they send out the scores.

Testing Day

If you have disabilities, you can request special consideration by contacting the Program Office. During the test, you are not allowed any timing device. They recommend a silent analog wristwatch is you want to keep track of your progress. Test times are very flexible with the new internet test. They offer morning and afternoon sessions on weekdays and weekends.

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