Business School Testing and The GMAT

General Information

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) assesses your skills and knowledge acquired from you many years of schooling. It does not test any specific business knowledge or job related material.

There are four separately timed sections. You only need basic computer skills to take the test since it is computer based. It's a unique test in that each one is unique and adjusts dynamically to your skill level, which is referred to as 'computer-adaptive format'.

Analytical Writing Section

The first two sections involve analytical writing, with each having a 30 minute time limit. You must analyze an issue and analyze an argument. Scoring depends on your straight line of thought, critical analysis and conclusion.

Quantitative Section

The Quantitative Section has a multiple choice format and has two subcategories. Problem-solving questions are used to test basic quantitative mathematical skills. The other Data-Sufficiency questions test your ability to choose the correct answer that gives the proper amount of supporting information for you to even answer the question.

Verbal Section

There are three multiple-choice subsections of the Verbal Section:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Sentence Corrections

Reading Comprehension tests your ability to read, comprehend, and understand what you read. You are to understand the concepts and relationships being discussed in order to answer correctly

Critical Reasoning involves the analysis of arguments and then responding with a proper course of action.

Sentence Correction questions test your English grammar skills by having you read improper or incorrect sentences. Your answer depends on choosing the alternative sentence that best expresses the idea or relationship.

GMAT Scores

The range is between 200 and 800, with most students ending up between 400 and 600. After you take the test, you can see an unofficial score on your computer. It takes around 3 weeks for your score to be validated as official. When you first register to take the GMAT, you can opt to view your score online or receive it in the mail. You will see your official score online quicker than if you wanted it sent via regular mail, naturally.

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