Graduate Records Examination (GRE) Information

Why Should You Take It?

Many fellowships or departments of accredited graduate schools may require you to take the GRE. It's used as an admissions benchmark in addition to your undergraduate scores.

Some universities recommend the test for a better view of your overall academic skills. Others recommend that you take a GRE Subject Test or both a Subject and General Test.

All accredited schools will accept your GRE score as valid. If your school is not accredited, then it may be deemed acceptable be the GRE Board.

Where and How to Register

For computer-based testing in the United States or Canada, you can register online, by phone, or by mail. Paper-based testing is available in areas without adequate computer facilities, most often used in international testing. If you are testing outside the U.S., you can register via fax along as by mail, online, or phone.

It's recommended to register early so as to get a better choice of your test location, date, and time. Receiving you scores early also help when applying to your graduate school. Your scores may increase your chances of receiving scholarships and other financial aid.


Please not that all fees are subject to change slightly every year. U.S. based testing runs around $130 while international testing is around $170. Preferred payment is by credit card or certified check or money order. All major credit cards are accepted, including American Express.

Receiving a Waiver

Please note that requirements are subject to change and there are a limited number of waivers available. Primary qualification consists of being a U.S. citizen or resident alien currently receiving financial aid, or returning to college and having applied for financial aid. You must meet on of the other qualifications:

  • a dependent college senior whose Institutional Student Information Report (ISIR) shows a parental contribution of not more than $1,200 for the senior year
  • a self-supporting college senior whose ISIR shows a contribution of not more than $1,600 for the senior year
  • an un-enrolled college graduate whose ISIR indicates self-supporting status and a contribution of not more than $1,600

Contact your financial aid office to receive your waiver and ISIR forms. They must be mailed together when making a request.

Practicing and Preparing

Give yourself plenty of practice time and take advantage of the sample questions and topics. There is free material available online. If you want more realistic analysis, there are paid services that can quickly evaluate your performance; ideal for analytical and essay writing.


  • verbal reasoning - 10 point increments - 200 to 800
  • quantitative reasoning - 10 point increments - 200 to 800
  • analytical writing - half point increments - 0 to 6

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