Vote for the Winner of the 2007 Blogging Scholarship

Posted on 08/10/07 1:31 AM by Amelia

Voting has been closed.


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510 Comments on “Vote for the Winner of the 2007 Blogging Scholarship”

  1. Announcing the Finalists for the 2007 Blogging Scholarship ~ Blog ~ Says:

    […] Now go cast your vote! […]

  2. Bill Landrigan Says:

    Grant\’s \”McCovet Chronicles\” site is always well articulated and user friendly in terms of ability to access various areas of the site. He work speaks for itself and the fact that he has as many individual contributors attests to it\’s excellence.

  3. Contests, and such | Student Productivity At Its Finest Says:

    […] […]

  4. dennis santspree Says:

    A vote for Amanda Kern. A most useful blog for our students.

  5. $10,000 Blogging Scholarship - YOU Vote for the Winner « Resource Economics..Grease your brain Says:

    […] read more | digg story […]

  6. Travis Lawrence Says:

    I vote for Chris Clark\’s blog.

  7. Kevin Lim Says:

    Woah 20 finalists… it’s gonna get dicey 🙂

  8. - Musings of an LIS Student » Shameless self promotion Says:

    […] I have been chosen as a finalist in’s blogging scholarship- which means I’m up for a $10,000 scholarship (enough to cover the rest of school, in case you are wondering.) Please take a second and go vote for me. The finalists are listed on this page, and you can vote for me on this page. Please spread the word! […]

  9. martha Says:

    Amanda Kern is a highly regarded, well respected, talent and dedicated friend, teacher, Mother and wife who greatly deserves this scholarship!!!!

  10. Angelique Smith Says:

    Go Amanda Kern! Awesome work…very comprehensive.

  11. theory.isthereason » Vote for me: Help me win a Blogging Scholarship (worth $10k)! Says:

    […] […]

  12. Ben Sandgren Says:

    I am going to have to vote for Chris Clark. His just grabbed me.

  13. SHANE LAVALETTE / JOURNAL » Blog Archive » Vote For Me! Says:

    […] But, here’s where I need your help! The winner is chosen based on the number of votes received. Since my blog is centered around a very specific topic (mostly concerning itself with fine art photography), I’d imagine I may not have the largest number of readers. However, if you read this blog regularly or have enjoyed it at any point in time please take a moment to cast a vote for me and also let anyone know who may be willing to help out. […]

  14. kristy pennino Says:

    A tremendous community builder and learning environment for commuting, online and multi-campused students!

    I voted for Amanda Kern (and you should, too!). 🙂

  15. Edgar Cheney Says:

    I voted for “Wife Advice” by Chris Clark. His stories and advice on marriage are crazy and hilarious. This has the best content of all the blogs listed!

  16. Tom Says:

    Wife Advice by Chris Clark is utter nonsense, but you gotta love it. It’s all the stuff we want to say but don’t.

  17. Nicholas Moellman Says:

    Travis Addington’s blog is well articulated and informative. I vote for Addington.

  18. Elizabeth Says:

    Wife Advice!!

  19. Frank Bofini Says:

    I voted for “Wife Advice” by Chris Clark. His stories and advice on marraige are crazy and hilarious. His has the best content of all the blogs listed.

  20. Nancy Clark Says:

    Who’s crazier? The Donkey (finalist Chris Clark) who revealed his wife’s weight online, or The Wife (me) who just voted for him???

  21. S Says:

    Goooooo JKim 😀

  22. Trisha Korkosz Says:

    I vote for Randy Booth.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Thomas Peters consistently and stably provides factual news and challenges news sources that do not. He’s great!

  24. Rob Says:

    I vote for Matt Burden

  25. Ravi Says:

    Paul Stamatiou all the way.

    He is one of the best personal bloggers out there, and provides invaluable tech news/reviews/guides.

  26. john Says:

    he is both informative and entertaining

  27. Kevin Says:

    Matthew Burden is one of the most creative blog writers of all time and he definately has my vote.

  28. Phil Korkosz Says:

    I am trying to vote for Randy Booth. My wife voted on her computer and I am trying to vote from mine.

  29. PT-LawMom » Please help my friend Says:

    […] As some of you know, the original Law School Mom is raising her son, taking a full load of law school classes, and battling breast cancer! Right now there is a $10,000 law school blogger scholarship competition going on and Kim has been nominated. Her blog now focuses on her cancer fight, but her original blog on motherhood and law school was a real inspiration to me as I was going through the application process this time last year. Please visit her blog and vote for Kim Klein HERE. Let’s help take the rising medical bills off her already too-full plate! Posted inLaw School, Mommy stuffOctober 8th, 2007 […]

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Vote for Jess Kim

  31. Peggy Strasser Says:

    I vote for Kimberely Klein’s blog

  32. Laurie Bukala Says:

    Hope you win…

  33. john sousa Says:

    My vote is for Amanda Kern.

  34. Terrie Nickerson Says:

    Randy’s a neat kid. Always helpful and well liked in his communityas a youngster.
    Hope he wins.

  35. Daniel Stamm Says:

    Grant Brisbee’s McCovey Chronicles is much more than just a blog. So many of us have McCovey Chronicles bookmarked as our first destination on the internet, and it is much more than a place simply to read the musings of the author. Grant has created a community, a discussion forum, a virtual cafe meetingplace, and we thank him for it.

    You should too.

  36. Daissy Says:

    +1 vote for Amanda Kern’s Blog.
    You Rock!

  37. reina. Says:

    I vote for Amanda Kern’s blog!

  38. Johanna Says:

    I choose Amanda Kern’s blog as the winner!

  39. Beau Wingfield Says:

    I vote for Amanda Kern!

  40. Jenny Plucinsky Says:

    My vote is for Amanda Kern

  41. Belel Says:

    Amanda Kern\’s blog gets my vote!

  42. Daissy Says:

    I vote for Amanda Kern\’s Blog!
    It Rocks!

  43. DJ Says:

    Amada Kern\’s blog is the best!

  44. Isabel Says:

    My vote goes to Amanda Kern for the Valencia Graphics Technology Program blog.

  45. Ed Cross Says:

    I vote for Amanda Kern!

  46. kristy pennino Says:

    i voted earlier by posting for amanda kern and it never showed up on this comment list… i\’m just making sure my vote was counted.


  47. Christina Valentin Says:

    I vote for Amanda Kern!

  48. Gezocht: vrienden voor studiebeurs | Hoezo nieuws? Says:

    […] Wie dan wel mee doen? Hier is de complete lijst te vinden. Je kunt zelfs stemmen op je persoonlijke favoriet. Wat opviel tijdens het schrijven van dit stukje is dat Anders Ibsen en Samuel Arbesman nog maar één stem hebben. Is het dan echt zo dat bloggers geen leven én vrienden hebben om te stemmen? Hoezo nieuws? Internet studiebeurs: Gerelateerde artikelen […]

  49. Francine Gordan Says:

    I vote for Amanda Kern!

  50. Luis De Jesus Says:

    I vote for Amanda Kern

  51. ksimari Says:

    go amanda kern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Peggy Schultz Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein. She is truly a \”SUPER WOMAN\”

  53. Blair Russell Says:

    I vote for Kimberley Klein\’s blog

  54. aida Says:

    Amanda\’s blog has proven to be user friendly and resourceful for our students and faculty. Awesome!!!

  55. Chris Ingalls Says:

    I voted for Karin because she is a fantastic student and a very fine person.

  56. Alex Protopapas Says:

    Paul Stamatiou deserves to win. Besides the academic talent, he has a \”worldly cultural flair\” and has talent that extends beyond the academic world. It is young men like him who should be rewarded!

  57. Alex Protopapas Says:

    Paul Stamatiou deserves to win. Besides the academic talent, he has a “worldly cultural flair” and has talent that extends beyond the academic world. It is young men like him who should be rewarded! I vote for Paul satamaatiou and I hope all of you will as well!

  58. Jesse Stirling Says:

    Grant Bisbee is an amazing blogger. Keeps SF Giants fans from around the world in touch. Always fresh, always humorous. Props to all the nominated bloggers on this list, but I\’m biased- Go Grant!

  59. Anonymous Says:

    JKim all the way!

  60. K C Tsang Says:

    I vote for Kelvin Lim…..

  61. Peg Parker Says:

    Being a mom, going to law school or winning the fight with brest cancer are all full time jobs, while you are doing all three. I vote for Kimberley Klein! Good luck!

  62. Alex Says:

    My vote goes to Amanda Kern. Great job!

  63. Kevin M. Scarbrough Says:

    I voted for Amanda Kern, as her blog blends entertainment with useful information, always a pleasure to read.

  64. mr. potato chip Says:

    Grant Brisbee\’s McCovey Chronicles is a must read- bloggers regularly mentions his hilarious postings. also, i think i once saw him run into a burning orphanage and save a group of small children and puppies.

  65. Kathy Michel Says:

    Go Kim! You deserve this!

  66. Blogging Scholarship: My Finalist Choice — eXtra For Every Publisher Says:

    […] While I doubt most sites are picking favourites, I am not like most sites, and I say, Vote Paul! It only takes a second, and I am sure it will mean a lot to him. Bookmark: If you enjoyed this article, please Subscribe via RSS and don\’t forget to Monetize Your Site (aff link) Related Posts […]

  67. db Says:

    I think that paul should be the wiiner on this one. His writing still is great and with even more knowledge pumped into him thanks to the schorship his writing will even take off to a higher level.

  68. Phyllis Says:

    As someone who has benefited so often from her untiring efforts and unbelievable work ethic, I wholeheartedly endorse and vote for Amanda Kern. Besides all of the individual posts (which admittedly have slowed down considerably as she\’s getting ready to deliver her second baby ANY day now!)- take a look at the the VCC Flickr set- she\’s maintained and posted them all.

    Did I mention she teaches full time in addition to attending school, blogging, and being a wife and mother? Wait a minute, is Wonder Woman eligible for this? ;o)

    Thanks Amanda for a fantastic blog!

  69. Lily Says:

    Jess Kim.

  70. E :) Says:

    Kimberley Klein. Law school mother with cancer. She needs this.

  71. bursa pt bloggeri | adrian boioglu - tot mai sus Says:

    […] ei bine asta inseamna perfomanta in blogging. uite aici o lista cu oameni care merita urmariti. eu l-am votat pe Paul Stamatiou. Il citesc de citeva luni bune si a demonstrat ca stie sa scrie bine. […]

  72. Kevin Lim Says:

    Did the voting system shut off? Friends are reporting to me that they couldn\’t vote. 🙁

  73. sarah Says:

    JKim makes college fun…I\’ve been reading it for a year now, and am always highly entertained. Go MIT!

  74. Michael in MI Says:

    Matt Burden has done so much to help educate the masses about the military, to help memorialize those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and who are \”Fallen but Never Forgotten\”, to help bring attention to \”Someone You Should Know\” and support the overall war effort abroad and here at home through his military blog Blackfive. I hope that all his readers can help him out and help him win a scholarship. He is very deserving of it.

  75. Tyler Sanchez Says:

    Hope you win Jess. Forever Connected.

    Best, Tyler

  76. Andrew Sutherland Says:

    @Kevin Lim – no, it\’s not shut off. You\’re probably running into the one-vote-per-IP rule in the poll. Are your friends all accessing the internet from the same router or some shared internet setup (a dorm might do it).

  77. Greg Says:

    Thomas Peters\’ up to date and comprehensive Papist blog would make any Pope proud. A perfect mix of humour and insight have made it a required daily read. Keep up the good work.

  78. The Shifted Librarian » Vote for Karin! Says:

    […] The finalists are listed on this page, and you can vote on this page. I’m Karin Dalziel, in case you forgot.” [Musings of an LIS Student] These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  79. Minda Says: has the best tips and information for college students. That is why Travis needs to win. GO!!!! TRAVIS!!!

  80. David W McKane Says:



    These two publications have praised Grant Brisbee, for his masterful site, McCovey

    Grant Brisbee will receive my vote for this award.

    Thank you,

    David W McKane

  81. Thor Buttox Says:

    Wife advice is extremely well written and hillarious. Maybe not much on graphics and all, but clearly the best content. I wonder how long the marriage will last.

  82. Domus Dei » American Papist Blog nominated for ‘07 Blogging Scholarship - Vote! Says:

    […] Voting takes only a few seconds. Just first visit this page –> […]

  83. theory.isthereason » Campaign Video: Vote for Kevin (and help him spend $10k wisely) Says:

    […] Before you go, how do you think I could garner the most votes? […]

  84. Eldin Massey Says:

    I voted for Grant Brisbee more because I like him than because of his writing. But actually, if this vote were based on merit, I\’d still vote for Grant, as he writes a VERY GOOD blog.

  85. Thomas Says:

    Vote for Shelley Batts! She\’s studying a cure for deafness and will contribute great things to science and medicine one day. When you are old and lose your hearing, you might be glad you helped her out! 🙂

  86. Vote for Shelley Batts or Die a Painful, Lingering Death [Dispatches from the Culture Wars] · New York Articles Says:

    […] Our very own Shelley Batts is up for a $10,000 scholarship based on her blog work. If you aren’t reading Retrospectacle, shame on you. But whether you are or not, click on this link and vote for Shelley. She rocks seven ways to Sunday. […]

  87. Jamie Girvan Says:

    Matthew Burden is the first Blog I read everyday. Integrity, humor and raw honesty served by America\’s best!

  88. E.McLain Says:

    I voted for Amanda Kern!

  89. Weblog » Blog Archive » Finalisten Blogging Scholarship van $ 10.000,- bekendgemaakt Says:

    […] Ipv 10 finalisten heeft de organisatie achter de ‘Blogging Scholarship’ ervoor gekozen 20 webloggers te selecteren. Het aanbod van webloggende studenten die in aanmerking wilden komen voor de studiebeurs van $ 10.000,- was gewoonweg te groot. Iedereen wilde wel op zo’n manier aan zijn studiebeurs komen. Een maand geleden werden Amerikaanse studenten met een weblog opgeroepen zich aan te melden. Één persoon zou in aanmerking komen voor die studiebeurs. Inmiddels is de aanmelding voorbij. Het publiek is nu aan de beurt. Dus wij mogen stemmen. Geloof ik. Ook al zijn we Europeaan. Maar we hebben alleen de keuze uit Amerikaanse studenten. […]

  90. jean Says:

    good luck matt!!!

  91. Yap Kwong Weng Says:

    I voted for Kevin Lim because of his originality and persistence in making his blog both informative and interesting.

  92. Poorer Than You » PTY and the Blogging Scholarship Says:

    […]  (Voting ends October 28th) […]

  93. Poorer Than You » PTY and the Blogging Scholarship Says:

    […]  (Voting ends October 28th) […]

  94. Jerrick lim Says:

    I vote for Kevin Lim Go Kev!

  95. Susanne Toole Says:

    The VCC graphics blog is the best thing that ever happened to the graphics program at Valencia. This is the central point of communication for students and alumni to stay up-to-date on what\’s going on with the program and to see the awesome work that Valencia students have created over the years. Amanda has worked tirelessly to keep the blog fresh, current and fun. Way to go Amanda!

  96. links for 2007-10-09 | MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Says:

    […] Vote for the Winner of the 2007 $10,000 Blogging Scholarship VOTE FOR MATTY O’BLACKFIVE! (Matthew Burden) Vote NOW! (tags: blogs blogging contest vote scholarship college) […]

  97. Kristen Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein!

  98. Joleen Ploeger Says:

    Kim Klien

  99. Rick Kienzler Says:

    Kim Klein. The only choice.

  100. Jayna Panchal Says:

    I vote fro Kimberly Klein!

  101. Say hi to a new Scibling, and help out an existing one [Highly Allochthonous] · New York Articles Says:

    […] Meanwhile, Shelley is one of 20 blogs in the running for a $10,000 blogging scholarship. She has assured me that she won’t spend it all on mimosas (which, after her performance at the Scibling shindig, was a slight concern), so if you, like me, are a fan of her rather nifty neuroscience blog, go and vote for her. If you’re not a fan, go and read it, become one, and then go and vote for her. […]

  102. Diane Taylor Says:

    Kim Klein

  103. Now, for a favor… » Especially Heather Says:

    […] Her blog is at: Law Mom the voting link is at: Vote For the Winner of the 2007 Blogging Scholarship […]

  104. Ramona Hopkins Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein – you go girl!

  105. Kimberly Klein Says:

    Go Kimberly Klein By Eric Nelson October 9th, 2007

  106. Eric Nelson Says:

    Go Kim Klein.

  107. Jenn Says:

    I vote from Kim Klein.

  108. Volker Gallichio Says:

    Amanda Kern. My wife says so.

  109. Grace Tisdall Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein

  110. Sally Peterson Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein

  111. Sally Peterson Says:

    Good Luck Kim

  112. Mary Phannenstill Says:

    Very much deserved. Excellent.

    Mary Phannenstill

  113. Jennifer Smith Says:

    Good Luck Kim

  114. Marta Says:

    Jess Kim\’s blog totally rocks! It is so helpful for all the MIT students that read it, and I get a laugh every time I open the page. GO JESS KIM!!

  115. SPEAK, SEE, REMEMBER » Blog Archive » Friends in Need Says:

    […] Shane Lavalette has been nominated for a $10,000 scholarship, awarded to college students who blog. The scholarship winner is chosen based on the number of votes he or she receives, so cast your vote for Shane! […]

  116. Jill Burns Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein- What an inspiration!

  117. Vickie Says:

    Kimberly Klein – Leslee says you are the best – Hang in there we are voting for your health, your success in law school, and in winning this contest to help with medical bills. Wyoming family, friends and coworkers are pulling for you.
    Vickie Nelson

  118. Susan Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein

  119. Angela Says:

    I voted for kimberley Klein who really deserves to be awarded the $10,000 scholarship.

    Gooooo Kim!

  120. ectoplasmosis » Calling All Ectomites: Help Us Get Neuroscience Nymph A Scholarship Says:

    […] Vote For Shelley Batts [College Scholarships] […]

  121. Christine Roseman Says:

    Good luck Kim with all of your future hopes and dreams.

  122. l david Says:

    I vote for Karin Dalziel

  123. Jason M. Says:

    Just discovered his site through the list of finalists – Shane Lavalette gets my vote!

  124. Tina Scetto Says:

    Kimberley Klien, You are an insipation to all good luck
    Tina Scetto

  125. Pam West Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein.

  126. patricia garey Says:

    I vote for Kimberley Klien. What a great women to do all this and may God Bless You and heal you..

  127. LeAnn Thompson Says:

    Blessings to you Kimberly. You have a very inspirational story, our prayers are with you. LeAnn

  128. Wayne Says:

    I voted for Kevin Lim and good luck! 🙂

  129. Aunhwa Kwon Says:

    Very nice work!!! God bless you. I vote for Jess Kim.

  130. Natascha Miner Says:

    GO LIZZZ!!!!!!

  131. Aly Says:

    I vote Shane Lavalette!

  132. Soldier's Mom Says:

    I would ask that you all at least look at Matthew Burden. Matt is not only a great blogger, but also one of my American Heroes! You don’t have to believe in the war to believe in soldiers and especially those who are at the tip of the spear putting themselves in harm’s way and Matt not only talks the talk, but he’s walked the walk and is someone that keeps our American soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coasties at the forefront of people’s minds no matter what you think of the President, Congress or the war — these kids didn’t ask to get sent over, they just said “yes sir”, saluted smartly and went to protect those of us that stayed behind. Matt is a good blogger, a good student, a good soldier, a good husband and I would appreciate you giving him a chance — when was the last time you knew a soldier that had $10,000 laying around to finish school with?

  133. Jessica Larkin Says:

    I vote for Grant! He has the most “real”potential of any one person in the running. Look out kids,Grant is in Town!!!

  134. moonlight Says:

    I’m a MIT student and I voted for JKim, but I really do feel that Kimberly Klein needs the money more than a college student that is already doing pretty fine in school.

    So good luck Kimberly! You really do inspire me, after reading your blog.

  135. taylor Says:

    hey vote for shane, hes my brother and hes awesome!

  136. Judy Says:

    Good luck Kimberely!

  137. shirley abraham Says:

    Great…good luck!!

  138. Pundit Review » Blog Archive » Help Blackfive win a $10K scholarship Says:

    […] Go here to vote for Matt!!! […]

  139. hillary Says:

    i vote for liz funk!!!

  140. Thyra Harris Says:

    I am voting for Kimberly because she deserves something good to happen.

  141. Glendon Mellow Says:

    I’m voting for Shelley Batts because a winged creature told me to.

    Go Shelley Batts! Go, go!

  142. Karen Nelson Says:

    Good luck Kim!!

  143. Kimella Says:


  144. Deb Says:

    I vote for Kim as I had beenhelping my parents with cancer costs and my aunt. I know what she is going through God Bless

  145. Dave Lestser Says:

    Stephanie Collins has a terrific blog, Poorer than You. She deserves this the most, put this girl through film school!

  146. Ebert Says:


  147. MH Says:

    She is a mother of three, a 2nd year law student, and is fighting breast cancer. She is a truly remarkable woman who deserves to be accredited for her honesty, devotion, and insight.

  148. Anonymous Says:

    Shelly Batts has beautiful potential as a laughing philosopher, someone who can lead the public to a proper appreciation of what must be done to save the future. Give her a boost!

  149. MH Says:

    Whoops — I forgot to reveal her name above — it’s Kim Klein. Please vote for her.

  150. Anonymous Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein

  151. Eric P Says:

    I vote for Matt Burden. Semper Fi Brother

  152. micheline satkowski Says:

    Kimberley Klein is the one for me

  153. Titus Chia Says:

    An island that is small with only 4.5 million people, you are a rare gem, surely I will vote for my fellow Singaporean, all the way.

  154. Kimberley Klein Says:

    Kim is an inspiration to all of us because of her consistant positive attitude. I vote for Kim.
    BySharon Crum on October 9th, 2007

  155. aziz52 Says:

    I vote for Shelley Blatt, being a neuroscience fan and Dermatologist(and being married to a neurologist as well)- well the ectoderm realyy gets me. She’s just what we need to bring a breath of fresh air to the neurosciences. Good Luck Shelly!

  156. A Loveday Says:

    I vote for Kevin Lim!

  157. Terry Says:

    Just came form Heather’s to vote for Kim….Teresa S.

  158. Anonymous Says:

    I vote for Shelley Batts. Good luck!

  159. Laurie Norris Says:

    I support Kimberly, as I have also faced breast cancer, surgeries, radiation, chemo, etc., and know how tough it is on family, career and budget. Cheers and the very best of life to you! Laurie

  160. Cthulhu Says:

    I voted for Shelley, and you should too.

  161. steve Says:

    kim klein gets my vote

  162. Jack Haverkamp Says:

    I simply love Grant Brisbee’s cute little attempts at humor.

  163. Anonymous Says:

    Go for it Kim – the world needs more female role models like yourself! Congratulations and best of luck

  164. I voted! Please read and please vote. « Balance of Power Says:

    […] Then go vote! So easy!! Kim Klein – the 7th one down on this list.* […]

  165. julie Says:

    i vote for Kim too!

  166. mary Says:

    I voted for Kimberly Klein because of Heather. Good Luck Kimberly.

  167. Seth Benkle Says:

    It’s pretty ridiculous that a scholarship depends on a popularity contest.

  168. kim klein Says:

    I voted for kim klein also

  169. piratec Says:

    No hesitation i voted for Paul because i love to read him. Paul Stamatiou have so many thing to share. One of my favorite blog.
    Merci Paul

  170. jermyn wee Says:

    i vote for Kevin Lim !

  171. Kim Skaja Says:

    I voted for Kim Klein, a true inspiration. Good luck, Kim!

  172. Jason Sims Says:

    Thomas Peters

  173. Kathy Says:

    Doing what little I can by voting for Kim. Thank you Kim & Heather for showing us all to face life head on.

  174. Ismael Justiniano Says:

    Vote for Amanda Kern!
    She’s pimp.

  175. Aaron Fischer Says:

    I vote for Amanda Kern.

  176. Brent Bautista Says:

    i vote for amanda kern.

  177. Levi Says:

    Amanda Kern FTW!

  178. Joshua Asis Says:

    I vote for Amanda!

  179. nicholas Says:

    vote for Amanda Curran

  180. Gabe Shockey Says:

    I want to leave a vote for Amanda Kern.

  181. Dylan Stedman Says:

    i vote for Amanda kern

  182. Bryan Irey Says:

    Amanda Kern deserves to win, she’s wonderful.

  183. Anonymous Says:

    Wishing you the best Kim!!!

  184. Kathy Says:

    I vote for KImberly Klein!

  185. Shane Lavalette Says:

    the absolute finest

  186. Larry Odgers Says:

    I heard from my CHRP brother Kevin Rewerts, I hope you win.

  187. Rick Says:

    He is the best

  188. Alex & Helen Jameson Says:

    We voted for Kimberley because we admire her gutsy ambition and determination.

  189. Michelle Says:

    Kimberly Klein is my choice to win. Good luck Kimberly.

  190. Paula Blake Says:

    Kim Klein is my vote! Kim, you are an inspiration to everyone! We love you!!!

  191. Ryan Says:

    Vote cast for Shane Lavalette.

  192. Mary Thomas Says:

    I voted for Kim Klien. You are a true inspiration. I know that you can beat all odds. Good Luck.

  193. Anonymous Says:

    I hope you get it, Jess! You deserve it! 🙂

  194. Ralph Brown Says:

    Kim’s is the greatest and gets my vote!

  195. Michele B Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein!!! Go KIM!!!!!!! 🙂

  196. Dave Lestser Says:

    one vote for Stephanie!

  197. Lyle Says:

    Grant Brisbee’s McCovey Chronicles is the best-written site I’ve ever seen on the web. His mix of insight, humor, and pathos (particularly this past summer) has created an online community, and continues to brighten the day for hundreds of loyal readers. Despite working and going to school, he finds time to inform and entertain each day. A vote for Grant Brisbee is a vote for truth, justice, and the American way*, and guarantees that the terrorists haven’t won.

    *void where prohibited. Your results may vary; consult your physician.

  198. Justine Says:

    Kimberly Klein here too!

  199. Seth Says:

    Randy Booth! Randy Booth! Randy Booth!
    Only the finest in social blogs for the Red Sox Nation

  200. Terry Says:

    My vote is for Kimberly Klein.

  201. Anonymous Says:

    Very funny

  202. Karen D Says:

    I vote for Karin Dalziel. From one Karen to another.

  203. Kortney Says:

    Kim Klein has my vote… good luck!!!

  204. Anne Easley Says:

    I want Grant Brisbee!

  205. Carol Simcizen Says:

    Best Wishes Kim.

  206. RD Says:


  207. Kimberely Klein Says:

    Good luck

  208. Prunella Says:

    Christopher Clark’s Wife Advice, eh wot.

  209. nicole kita Says:

    My vote is for Shane Lavalette!

  210. Pam Says:

    A vote for Kim, best of luck!

  211. Donna Says:

    My vote went to Kimberly Klein. Just bcause. Good Luck Kimberly.
    By Donna on October 10, 2007

  212. Anonymous Says:

    I voted for kim! Good luck!

  213. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck, Kim!

  214. Anonymous Says:

    Go Grant! Chris Clark is good too, but the McChron is the best.

  215. Internet Hate Machine Says:

    Go Stephine….lolwut

  216. burntofferings Says:

    Go Kim, you have my vote!

  217. berniesfotoblog Says:

    Yeah Kim, you go get ’em girlfrind…

  218. Glenn Taylor Says:

    Excellent story line Kim Klein. Your Uncle Ted is proud!

  219. James Says:

    screw Kim, vote for Stephanie! 😉

  220. Anonymous Says:

    Grant Rocks!

  221. Helen McIsaac Says:

    Kim I wish you the best in your future goals.
    Good Luck to a very brave lady!!
    October 10,2007

  222. Father John Trigilio Says:

    Thomas Peters (American Papist) has a marvelous blog and gives erudite commentary as well as accurate reporting. Very good, very informative.

  223. Anonymous Says:

    great job jess kim

  224. M.Gable Says:

    Good Luck to you Kim and always hold your head up high. My prayers are with you and your family.

  225. Jona Peretz Says:

    Kimberely Klein gets my vote.

  226. Jenny Says:

    I vote for Stephanie Collins!! 🙂

  227. Anonymous Says:

    Go Grant! Chris is good too, but nothing beats the McChron.

  228. OldFartsFavourites Says:

    I always either go with the Majority, do what I’m told, (or failing that vote for the pretty one) …

    /So SHELLEY B., of course 🙂

  229. Heather Says:

    My vote goes to Kim Klein. As a mother with cancer, I know how hard it is to raise children through cancer (and blog about it).

  230. AMA Says:

    It’s gotta be Thomas Peters!

  231. MJ Says:

    Casting a vote for Shelley Batts!

  232. Angela Scarlato Says:

    I voted for Amanda Kern!

  233. Fran Kandrac Says:

    I vote for Jess Kim! She’s doing a great job of informing prospective students about life at MIT… that’s what bloggers, do.

  234. Katie W. Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein

  235. mike Says:

    Matthew Burden is the man–Go get-em Matt

  236. Kathe Melnikoff Says:

    I voted for Kim Klein. Her sister is a business associate of mine. My vote was also in honor of my younger sister who has also battled breast cancer while raising a young family and holding down a full time job. Go Kim! The prayers of Molly’s contingent in Texas are with you.

  237. mami-dearest Says:

    My vote is for Kimberly Klein

  238. Mona Says:

    Vote For Thomas Peters! =) His blog is articulate, comprehensive in it’s field, and highly informative and enjoyable to read. Go Thom!

  239. george b Says:

    Kimberly, good luck in your fight against C. I am a very deliberate
    volunteer for anything that can eliminate that horrible disease.

    My best to you

    george b

  240. Dave-O Says:

    C’mon, now! Thom Peters for President, y’all! Quit voting for the powerful majority and go for the future of America!

  241. carolyn Says:

    voting for Kimberley Klein

  242. Kimberly Klein Says:

    Go Kimberly. You deserve it!

  243. PT-LawMom Says:

    Please keep the comments friendly. If you don’t want to vote for a blogger, there’s no need to post hateful comments on her blog. Kim is a sweet lady who’s going through a lot and she doesn’t need that negative energy right now.

  244. Jan Mitchell Says:

    You Go, Girl!

  245. mcnorton Says:

    Please record vote for Kimberley Klein

  246. DL Says:

    Thomas Peters, American Papist, gets my vote

  247. Anonymous Says:

    One vote for Thomas Peters

  248. Kim G. Says:

    Go Kimberley K!

  249. Anonymous Says:

    Shelley Batts FTW.

  250. elaine Says:

    My vote for is for Kim!

  251. MDolan Says:

    I beilieve Kimberly should be chosen because she is a Mom! She is so deserving and really needs the help!

  252. DORI EDEN Says:


  253. Steve Says:

    Kimberly Klein shares “heart” and reminds me of what we all really need to be and really can be if we just love and care about others.

  254. christina languido Says:

    May God be with Kim. Christina Languido

  255. Diane Eisenberg Says:

    Kimberely Klein gets my vote. Thank you!
    Diane Eisenberg

  256. Lauren Sanchez-Murphy Says:

    GO Kim Klein!!!

  257. Anonymous Says:

    I regrettedly voted for Jess Kim.

    Now i know that I should’ve voted for Anders Ibsen. He is probably the only person who actually didn’t ask all his friends to vote for him. That’s why he is way behind. All his votes are real.

  258. chanin mcclurkin Says:

    kimberly klein- law mom rocks!

  259. Jen W Says:

    Chris is too funny and Nancy is too crazy, LOVE IT

  260. Aunt Connie Says:

    All the applicants are well deserving so I vote for what I can relate to and that is Kim Klein. Thanks for inspiring Leslee.
    Aunt Connie in Wyoming

  261. Debbie Says:

    Vote for my son, Shane Lavalette! He has a fantastic blog and is an inspiring photographer. Shane is trying win the $10,000 scholarship to help him pay off a small portion of his immense college debt. I know I’m his Mom, but I say vote for Shane, he is a great kid and really deserves it! Nobody should have to get out of college with as much debt to pay as he will. Thanks so much for your support.

  262. CK Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein!

  263. Lemon Stand Says:

    Matthew Burden – I can’t imagine a more deserving blogger. His phenomenal ability to research a story or touch lives is inspirational. He has taught me so much through his blog. I vote for Matthew Burden of Black Five!

  264. Anonymous Says:

    Grant Brisbee!!! And I don’t even like baseball!

  265. Bob Ingraham Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein.

  266. Cathy Cooney Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein! God bless you and your family! Blessings!

  267. Beth & John Says:

    Kim Klein gets our vote!!!

  268. Anonymous Says:

    A vote for Peter Thomas…Good luck!

  269. eStee Says:

    I vote for Kevin Lim! He’s DA man!

  270. Jonah_in_the_Whale Says:

    Jess Kim and MIT rock

  271. Sora Says:

    Kevin Lim gets my vote cos he lives and breathes new media (not too many guys out there who walk about with a backpack full of gadgets recording and life-casting all his experiences and encounters!)

  272. antiaphrodite Says:

    Thomas Peters all the way!

  273. Anonymous Says:


  274. Nic Says:

    Go go Kevin Lim!

  275. Tom Hicks Sr. Says:

    Kimberley Klein has my vote. Good Luck Kim.

  276. Nikki Says:

    Good luck Shelley.

  277. Kimberley Klein Says:

    Good luck Kimberley!

  278. Anonymous Says:

    Kim Klein

  279. Kimberley Klein Says:

    I voted for Stephanie Collins! 🙂

  280. a freind in NJ Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein

  281. gayle Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein

  282. wailstail2 Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein!!!

  283. Susan Gross Says:

    Kimberley Klein gets my vote!

  284. Janene Says:

    Good luck Kimberley Klein

  285. L. T. Says:


  286. Sandra Smithson Says:


  287. Linda Says:

    Kim, I admire your ability to look at the up side & continue to go on with life & enjoy your blessings. I also admire you for your approach to what you want to do with your law degree. Wish I could help you with your financial needs other than vote for you to receive the scholarship. Have a blessed day, every day.

  288. Anonymous Says:

    Kimberley Klein, good luck with both your challenge in life.

  289. ProFire Says:


  290. Werd Says:

    Shelley Batts! Go Shelley.

  291. Roo Says:

    I vote for Shelley Batts.

  292. Andrew Says:

    Shelley Batts! Panda’s Thumb, representin’!

  293. Nicole Says:

    I voted for the blog that was best-written, most poignant, and funny. And I never dreamed I would describe a blog about cancer as funny! Kim Klein is truly amazing – commuting 50 miles a day to go to school, raising 3 kids, excelling in law school, and, oh yeah, battling cancer with an amazing attitude. This blog is not just for breast cancer patients, law students, or women. Kim’s inspiring story can touch anyone who reads it. $10,000 is just a small drop in the bucket of what she is going to need, considering her and her children’s educations that she needs to pay for, let alone her medical expenses. And, according to her blog, she wants to be a public interest lawyer, which is not going to do much to help with those debts. I am an attorney at a large law firm and I would have trouble paying for all that; I can’t imagine if I only made one-fourth of my salary, as public interest lawyers do. Best of luck to you, Kim.

  294. Joel Fernandez Says:

    Thomas Peters.

  295. Andy Clark Says:

    I vote for Kimberley Klein.

  296. Stephanie @ PoorerThanYou Says:

    Anonymous said: “I regrettedly voted for Jess Kim.

    Now i know that I should’ve voted for Anders Ibsen. He is probably the only person who actually didn’t ask all his friends to vote for him. That’s why he is way behind. All his votes are real.”

    Dear Anon: We finalists were instructed to tell all of our friends, family, blog readers, and fellow bloggers to vote for us in the email we received telling us that we were finalists. If a certain finalist choses not to do that, that’s fine – but it shouldn’t be considered a knock against the rest of us who are simply playing by the rules of the competition.

  297. boojieboy Says:

    vote 4 Shelley.

    She is teh hAwt

  298. Deborah Murphy Says:

    I am so happy to vote for Paul. I know how much time he has put into helping people who want to learn. He has certainly given me reason to appreciate his efforts.

    Thanks, Paul

  299. Winston N Says:

    I vote for Kevin Lim. Do us proud dude!!

  300. Stacey C. Says:

    Shelley Batts.

  301. Anonymous Says:

    This is a great idea. Each of these woman is a winner!

  302. dogmeatib Says:

    Shelley Batts

  303. Kristin Moye Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein who, like all cancer patients, is in my thoughts and prayers in her battle with breast cancer.

  304. Jennifer Johnson Says:

    Love the Blog created by Amanda Kern for VCC. Very useful and full of info!

    JJ 🙂

  305. Stephen Says:

    Vote for Kevin, he’s so cool and so is his blog!

  306. GS Says:

    for Shelly Batts

  307. Jenny Says:

    Man if I knew about this I’da tried to get in to. 🙁 Oh well maybe next time.

  308. GrrlScientist Says:

    i voted for shelley, and here’s why.

  309. Claudia Mundlos Says:

    I vote for Amanda because her blog is truly the best. She created a real community with her blog and on top of that it is well designed and organized.

  310. Emily Heinlein Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein

  311. Patti DeShane Says:

    I vote for Kim Klien. Kim has been a very involved parent in our school district and I wish her the best!!!

  312. Amy Says:

    Hi Kim,

    I’m casting my vote for you! You will touch many lives through your pursuit of public interest law. God bless you–

  313. Leslie Goesel Says:

    good Luck, Kim!!

  314. Leslie Goesel Says:

    Kim, you deserve this. Good Luck!!

  315. Suzanne Rewerts Says:

    Go Kim…I have known Kim for several years and have often admired her positive attitude and her “all out” effort that she puts forth. It did not matter if the task was big or small, she always gave it her all as if this were the most important thing in her life at that moment. Even now with breast cancer knocking at her door, she has opened that door and decided to again give it her all. She has allowed many people to view her journey through cancer on her blog. This I find to be very selfless and admirable. Her blog is a valuable resource for many people who may be going through cancer, know someone who has cancer or for someone like myself who had no idea has much was really involved in treating cancer. This blog has opened my eyes to a whole new thinking about how people live through and deal with a cancer diagnosis. So before you go thinking this is a popularity contest, visit Kim’s blog and learn something. I know you will be surprised and impressed! Open your heart to help Kim like she has helped so many people so many times! She is one in a million!

  316. Kumi Says:

    Jess Kim. 🙂

  317. Ed Muren Says:

    Going through my 3rd family member with cancer, you’ve got to hand it to Kim, I hope my vote helps. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  318. joe shmo Says:

    too bad someone is cheating for kim…

  319. Heather M Says:

    Shelley Batts has a powerful and compelling piece that is thought provoking as well as profoundly beautiful. She has not only earned this with talent, but obviously hard work as well. Excellence speaks volumes!

  320. Robin Says:

    Shelley Batts

  321. A.Porter Says:

    Amanda Kern “YOU ROCK”! Amanda is a great teacher and a great inspiration to her students. We would expect no less from her, than she would of us.

  322. Anonymous Says:

    I vote for Randall Booth

  323. Erin Havrilla Says:

    My vote is for Kim Klein!

  324. Robert Bourdeau Says:

    Shelley Batts. Go Shelley!

  325. LYM Says:

    of course it’s gotta be KEVIN LIM! WAY TO GO KEVIN!

  326. Ellen Says:

    Shelley Batts

  327. Kimberly Klein Says:

    I vote for Kim! Good Luck!

  328. Sara Says:

    Good Luck, Kim

  329. drivel Says:

    Shelley Batts

  330. Blue Cobalt Says:

    I vote for Shelley Batts.

  331. Anonymous Says:

    I cast my vote for kim klein

  332. gila Says:

    i vote for kim because i truly believe she deserves the scholarship and needs it for something other than material objects.

  333. Martin Chua Says:

    I vot for Kevin Lim !

  334. Melanie Cassidy Says:

    Brian Kalata gave me your blog info. Glad I checked it out. Good luck Kim.

  335. Victoria Says:

    Please note that a blogger at Free Dominion is asking members to freep/vote for a Thomas Peters blog. Totally unethical and quite frankly a case of stupidity on the part of this Free Dominion website.

    Please do note what is going on with this Thomas Peters blog.

  336. Dominic Says:

    I vote for Thomas Peters!

  337. Rosalie Says:

    Thomas Peters

  338. Howie Says:

    Kevin Lim

  339. Cari Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein.

  340. Dave and Linda Says:

    We vote for Kimberly Klein….a “fighter” who is a well deserving recipient of the $10,000!!!!

  341. Steve Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein.

  342. Mike N. Says:

    I vote for Thomas Peters!

  343. MMcEachern Says:

    I vote for Thomas Peters

  344. Alisha Benjamin Says:

    I pray that you get the scholarship that you are deserving of Kimberly Klein.

  345. Andrew Says:

    Kevin it is!

  346. Juliet Says:

    I vote for Kim! Go Girl!

  347. Debbie LaFleur Says:

    Good luck, Kim — You are such a fighter!

  348. Anonymous Says:

    I’d just like to submit that this is a silly way to pick the winner of a ten thousand dollar scholarship. Popularity is not a mark of quality, and web polls are an acceptable measure of neither. Some light-duty investigation has revealed that open proxies have been used to vote, and even putting this aside, you can be sure that the bloggers are likely to try and rope people into voting here who haven’t read the blogs. This ‘competition’ has about as much integrity as the stereotypical high school student body president election. Disappointing.

  349. blogscapes Says:

    Voting for Kevin. Glad that you have been nominated! Hope that you will win!

  350. James Chia Says:

    Kevin Lim!

  351. Sean Says:

    I vote for Thomas Peters.

  352. Debra Melody Says:

    Voted for Kim Klein – best wishes to her in her fight w/cancer.

  353. Katie Vannucci Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein! You go girl!

  354. Anonymous Says:

    I vote for Kim Klien. I wish her the best!!!

  355. Cheryl Line Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein’s Blog
    Cheryl Line

  356. Arlene Levin Says:

    I vote for Shelley Bates for her blog about parrots, and also for her reseach on Alex, African Grey Parrot who recently passed away.

  357. Tricia Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein.

  358. Katie Says:

    Kim Klein!

  359. Tim Says:

    Good Luck Kim!!

  360. Chaz Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein because she rocks, and her website mirrors that.

  361. Anonymous Says:

    I vote shane levalette

  362. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck kim

  363. Tony Says:

    Kimberley Klein!!!!

    Truthful but yet not harsh or unreasonably (if there can be such a state w/in her situation) angry. Also, not afraid of upsetting her readers.

    I think she should win. I also believe our country might be better off w/ a few more like her.

    God bless

  364. Anonymous Says:

    I have to agree – this is a terrible way to award a scholarship. Does the committee awarding this honestly not care that they have chosen a method that is prone to cheating and dishonesty? Do they also not care that such cheating has already occurred?

    It bothers and upsets me the way this scholarship is being handled.

  365. Betty Kubiak Says:

    I vote for Kimberley Klein, her story & experience touched my heart

  366. Anonymous Says:

    I vote for T. Addington. Excellent site.

  367. Los Cuatro Ojos » How Much LSD Does It Take to Kill an Elephant? Says:

    […] You can vote for her to get a scholarship HERE  addthis_url = ‘’; addthis_title = ‘How+Much+LSD+Does+It+Take+to+Kill+an+Elephant%3F’; addthis_pub = ”; […]

  368. kim Says:

    i vote for jess kim

  369. Z Says:

    A vote for Kevin Lim!

  370. Bill Claxton Says:

    Is this how you vote? Not at all clear that this is the voting form!

    Anyway, I vote for Kevin Lim.

  371. Mark Beans Says:

    Matthew Burden does a suberb job with site! He actually does something important and constructive with his site!

  372. vantan Says:

    I vote for Kevin Lim!

  373. quinncx Says:

    Kim Klein- excellent story!

  374. Lisa Rochelle Says:

    As a mom, nurse and law student I loved your idea to make a mom-law student blog…and as the daughter of a Nancy Chapman…undergoing chemo for Triple Negative Breast Ca…well, you go girl and you are in our prayers.

    Lisa Rochelle, Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis

  375. debussey Says:

    Good Luck Shelly!

    You can thank Zak….

  376. Claudia Pakuszewski Says:

    I vote for Kim Klien.

  377. Anonymous Says:

    Good Luck Kimberly Klein!

  378. Rachael Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein

  379. anonymous Says:

    I agree .. this is a terrible way to award a scholarship, especially because this entire competition is rife with cheating. I mean, seriously, is this the way that we want to reward serious scholarship, by giving money to the best cheater? On the other hand, this is no different than what is happening in this country, so I guess that makes cheating alright then.

    Just sign me;

    Also very disappointed.

  380. Dan Fuente Says:

    All I have to say is hang in there sister of life and God Bless You, I vote for Kimberly Klein.

  381. Kris Says:

    I vote for Shelley Batts

  382. Erin Says:

    Thomas Peters has my vote.

  383. Sarah Says:

    A vote for Stephanie is a smart one!! This girl has got goals and a plan to help others!

  384. Laurie Says:

    I’m voting for Kimberley Klein simply because her blog touched my heart. I actually found her blog by clicking on the link of a friend’s website that has also been battling cancer. I’ve been reading it for a while now, but did check out the other links here too.

  385. praise Says:

    vote for Kelvin!

  386. Muffin Says:

    I vote for Thomas Peters.

  387. Agnestin Says:

    i vote for kevin lim!

  388. Will K Says:

    My choice was for Kim Klein. At some time in everybody’s life we are touched by situations like she is experiencing right now. There is no amount of medicen that can ease the sole or spirit. Kim’s thoughts are the perfect presription for someone that is dealing with what she is going through. I prescribe a vote for Kim Klein!


  389. Hwajong Lee Says:

    I vote for Jess Kim!

  390. Nicole Says:

    I don’t understand what cheating people think is going on.

    Some people have been confused about whether this comment section is where you vote. It is not. You will see the place to vote on your screen pretty clearly. If you do not see it, it means someone else has already voted from your IP address (e.g. if you are voting from your office and someone else at your office has already voted, you cannot also vote).

  391. Billy Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein

  392. Sue Says:

    Jess Kim – clear winner

  393. Anonymous Says:

    Good Luck

  394. Hallelujah - Echoing Angels » Especially Heather Says:

    […] Her blog is at: Law Mom the voting link is at: Vote For the Winner of the 2007 Blogging Scholarship […]

  395. Havilah Says:

    I have always admired Thomas Peter’s intelluigence and wit, and I know he will use teh grant for good works. I vote for Thomas Peters!!!

  396. Donna Sawicki Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein

  397. Anonymous Says:

    good luck Grant

  398. Tess Says:

    My vote goes to the Retrospectacle blog by Shelley Batts. Good work Shelley! Good luck.

  399. Joy Thornton Says:

    I also was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am a 63 year old widow with a wonderful, supportive significant other and three beautiful grandchildren in my life. I will be starting radiation soon, and I can only be positive and happy. My cancer was detected early with a mammogram. I urge everyone to have a mammogram once a year.

    Kim, you sound like an outstanding person. May God bless you and watch over you as you try to get through this particular time in your life.

  400. widya lestaluhu Says:

    voting for kelvin lim

  401. Anonymous Says:


    As I understand it, the voting system here allows one vote per IP address. This would be fine if there was anything approaching a 1:1 correspondence between people and IP addresses controlled by them. This is not the case.

    Some people, like in the office situation to which you referred, share a single IP address, while others have multiple IP addresses available to them. Each of the computer lab machines at my university have different IP addresses. Given that I can log into any of them, if so inclined, I could vote several times. Additionally, there is the problem of open proxies– these are computers which, knowingly or unknowingly, allow others to access the internet using their IP address and thus would allow someone with a list of such proxies to vote multiple times.

    There is enormous potential for abuse of this voting system, which is why I argue that it should not be used to decide the winner of a $10,000 scholarship.

  402. Louise Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein.

  403. John Says:

    I vote for Thomas Peters.

  404. Marie Says:

    I vote for Kim (law mom) is this where I place a vote? (sorry, it’s late)

  405. Elvan Kavut Says:

    I vote for Shelley go girl! Good Luck!

  406. Jennifer Iraci Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein!

  407. Anthony Buckland Says:

    Shelley Batts for me.

  408. Jennifer in CA Says:

    I voted for KIm as well. A blog which I regularly visit had posted her site as a link- but I feel like all that have bashed the system of voting, or the corruption- need to understand that I, for one, did go through and read ALL the pther blogs before voting. I was torn, a bit between Kim & Matt (being that my husband is an active duty marine I feel his blog is also very good.) but they are all good if not excellent blogs. I just felt like Kim was the most deserving of them all, her ability to talk about cancer in a real sort of way speaks to my heart, and after praying about who to vote for, I felt it was her. blessings to ALL the contestants!

  409. Anonymous Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein
    By Emy Musni on October 18, 2007

  410. a.j.w. Says:

    shelly batts all the way!

  411. Joanne Says:

    I vote for Grant Brisbee. Great site!

  412. JIm Behrendt Says:

    i voted for Kimberly Klein.

  413. Anonymous Says:

    Thomas Peters

  414. Help Matthew Burden from BlackFive Military Blog Win A Scholarship at Conservative Times--Republican GOP news source. Says:

    […] All you have to do is vote over at College, so click, find Matt Burden’s name and vote for him. […]

  415. Lisa Crawford Says:

    My 3 year old son, Riley was born with trisomy 21, Down syndrome. Thomas Peters’ tribute to his son, Eliot moved me to tears. How wonderfully inspiring that Eliot’s parents so exuberantly celebrated his short life and so clearly recognized God’s grace in their son. I feel privileged to have shared in some small way in the celebration of Eliot’s life.

  416. Anonymous Says:

    Good Luck to Kim Klein

  417. Lauren Ichishta Says:

    I vote for Jess Kim. Good Luck!

  418. Belge Says:

    Great collection of blogs. Quite sad what LawMom has faced; however my vote goes to someone working to cure human disease rather than afflicted with it. The former is much more rare and valuable than the latter. Good work Shelley.

  419. Ben Crum Says:


    Focused on life..
    Believing the best..
    Thinking of others..
    Passing the test..

    Ignoring the blackhearts..
    Sharing your soul..
    Facing the challenge..
    Creating your role..

    Feeling for strangers..
    Supporting your friends..
    Learning what matters..
    Your love transends..

    Crafting the words..
    Fulfilling your dreams..
    Confronting the threat..
    Your radiance redeems!

    Dad – YOU ROCK!

  420. sickboy Says:

    Matthew Burden

  421. Michelle Malkin » A scholarship for blogging? Says:

    […] If you’d like to give him a hand, go here and vote for him! Voting closes the 28th; I think you’re allowed to vote daily. […]

  422. Q Green Says:

    I vote for Matthew Burden!

  423. J.B. Says:

    Another vote for Matthew Burden.

  424. casey Says:

    Matt Burden. I read Blackfive daily.

  425. Q Green Says:

    Matthew Burden get my vote!

  426. Anonymous Says:

    Go Jess Kim…California love.

  427. Jeff Says:

    Matthew Burden
    Hands down.

  428. Nate Harburg Says:

    My vote is for Thomas Peters, at

  429. Angel Says:

    Dear Kim,

    Thank you for continuing to shine in the lives of so many who want to pursue their dreams. Your bright, encouraging spirit is contagious and I pray that others will find that light through you. Blessings to you and your family as you “go to the mattress” with this fight. Remember you have an Angel in your corner praying for you. I love you all.

  430. Bob Ray Says:

    My vote is for Kim Klein for her courage, positive outlook and financial need. Kim, good luck and keep pressing fowward.
    Bob Ray

  431. Paul Says:


  432. Anonymous Says:

    Jess Kim gets my vote!

  433. Diane Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein.

  434. mck denver Says:

    Kimberly Klein has given everything she has to help others. The help of this scholarship would be befitting on her and her family.

  435. melanie Says:

    Shane Lavalette

  436. Lorie Says:

    I am voting for Thomas Peters. What an interesting blog!

  437. Sanden Says:

    Matthew Burden began and has consistently done an exceptional job of troop recognition and supporting our military.

  438. kobaino Says:

    I am from Roma Italy and i’ve come to know inju aka kevin lim on flickr. now i found his blog and i think it’s amazing and interesting. INJU keep up the good work, we in rome are voting for you!


  439. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to cast a vote for Thomas Peters.

  440. Ralph and Karen Brown Says:

    Kim — We have followed your struggle and treatment story with your parents, and continue to send our prayers and best wishes your way. Your dedication to your family, faith and career through the most difficult of circumstances, would be a test to all of us, but your perseverence is amazing. We wish you all the best that life has to offer.

    Ralph and Karen Brown

  441. R.PLoeg Says:

    For me; Shelly Bats !

  442. Anonymous Says:

    Kim Klein: May God bless you and your family through this scholarship.

  443. Kevin L. Says:

    I vote for Shelley Batts!

  444. Lisa Kelley Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein

  445. Christina Sherman Says:

    Kim, you already got it. Attitude is everything! Far from sight, but close to my heart. Go get it girl!!!!

  446. theory.isthereason » Hello My Paper readers… BTW, do you blog? Says:

    […] 6. How do you intend to use the $10k scholarship if you win? It’s a financial challenge just being a student, but I manage to get by with the support of my parents and an assistantship at the ETC. If I win this US$10k scholarship, I’m proposing to let the collective public decide on the wisest way to use it, by taking suggestions on my blog and picking the best ones to execute. […]

  447. Joyce Says:

    I vote for Kim!

  448. Blah, Blah, Blahg - Techie, security, political, and other useless miscellany » Did you know drug handedness can affect potency? Says:

    […] This is clearly an instance where the DuPont slogan rip-off “Better living through chemistry” applies. And while you are there reading about this cool drug twist (no pun intended), be sure to vote for Shelley as your favorite science blog writer. […]

  449. Fabiofrommilan Says:

    Hi Kim,
    a vote for you from Italy.
    All the best,

  450. John Bowden Says:


  451. Laurel Blekfeld Says:

    Kim – From someone who’s known you many years, you’re a genuinely beautiful, kind, and courageous person…. an inspiration to us all! You so totally deserve to win this! I really admire you! All the best! Laur

  452. John L Says:

    Thomas Peters!

  453. Tony Zamarro Says:

    Thomas Peters

  454. Tianhong Says:

    i vote for kelvin lim. all the way!

  455. John Y Says:

    Add my vote for Thomas Peters.

  456. Kristie Klein Says:

    Kim…You have no idea how many people we have passed this along to!
    Love you!

  457. Jen Says:

    Thomas Peters

  458. Brad Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein.

  459. Jeanette Says:

    Kim … Thank you!

  460. Courtney Tobin Says:

    lawyers for kim klein – we love you!

  461. Lillian Karabaic Says:

    Go Kimberly! You have the power of the nerdfighters behind you.

  462. - Musings of an LIS Student » Thank you thank you! Says:

    […] 4 days left in the blogging scholarship competition, and it looks like I don’t have a prayer. It doesn’t really bother me- as they say, it’s an honor just to be chosen, and hey, I’m in the top half. Make that #10- vote if you haven’t ‘cuz I’d like to finish in the top half. Thanks to Jenny at the Shifted Librarian, John at (now at, Lynn at Hypothetically Speaking, and Diane at Library Cloud for mentioning me in their blogs. Sorry if I missed anyone! […]

  463. Mac Says:

    I vote for Jess Kim. Her blogs were great. Read them!

  464. Anonymous Says:


  465. Burke Sullivan Says:

    Go Kimberly Klein, fellow Nerdfighter! w00t!

  466. Liz Says:

    I vote for
    Thomas Peters

  467. Linda Bowman Says:

    My vote is for Kim Klein. I am supporting my fellow brest cancer sister who deserves this.

  468. Well Hello! » And One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest Says:

    […] How many times have we been reminded not to judge a book by it’s cover? Well, in my experience, quiete a few- it’s just one of those phrases that seems to apply to everything. However, when looking at various blogs belonging to those in the running for a $10 000 scholarship, I can’t help but judge their blog partly on appearance. You know that blog you click on and it’s filled with large blockquotes and crowded paragraphs, and it’s just a mess to read… it’s not very nice to read and you never really get through the whole post do you? […]

  469. Aly Says:

    I absolutely cast my vote for Kim Klein!

  470. Victoria garbitt Says:

    My vote is for Kim Klein, my thoughts are with you!

  471. Jennifer Barber Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein!!

  472. Dr. Linda Hardin Says:

    Yahooooo…Good Luck

  473. Rachel Says:

    I heard about you thru the website. Good luck Kim!

  474. Emily Says:

    It takes a strong woman to get through what you have been able to and I commend you for your efforts and wish you all the best!

  475. Michael Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein.

  476. deb jenkins Says:

    i cast my vote for kimberly klein

  477. Adam Says:

    Kimberly Klein is a hero of mine….

  478. Lydia Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein

  479. RICKY UMALI Says:


  480. Barbara Sloan Says:

    i vote for Jess Kim!

  481. Vicki Says:

    My vote is for Kimberly Klein.

  482. Kristine Says:

    Heard about Kim Klein through Jennsylvania so that is who I am voting for 🙂

  483. Audrey Mihich Says:

    I am casting my vote for Kimberly Klein

  484. Roberta from Jennsylvania Says:

    Kimberly Klein gets my vote

  485. Tracy O Says:

    I vote for votes Kimberley Klein.

  486. William Tang Says:

    I cast my vote for Jess Kim — her blogs were both interesting in general and very helpful to students on the threshold of their college experiences.

    By Bill Tang on October 26, 2007

  487. Claire Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein!

  488. Jennifer S. Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein!

  489. Anonymous Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein

  490. Anonymous Says:

    I vote Thomas Peters!

  491. Rita C Says:

    Voted for Jessica Kim. An articulate, thoughtful blogger.

  492. Yvonne P Says:

    I vote for Jessica Kim, her blog is informative and interesting read!

  493. Dominic Says:

    Thomas Peters gets my vote

  494. Anonymous Says:

    Good Luck, Kimb

  495. Anonymous Says:

    LIZ FUNK!!!!!!!!

  496. nat Says:

    Kimberly Klein handsdown

  497. Anonymous Says:

    good lock for you KIMBERLEY KLEIN

  498. MAC Says:

    I voted for someone who didn’t sound white.

  499. Anonymous Says:

    Voted for Jess Kim.

  500. Anne Pendergast Says:

    Kimberly Klein is inspirational!! go Kimberly! Two thumbs up!!

  501. Darra Mulderry Says:

    Cast my vote for Jess Kim…

  502. Anonymous Says:

    i think chris in the first 2 blogs has had an impact

  503. Marguerite Says:

    I vote for Kim!!!! The bravest of all!

  504. Beth Howard Says:

    Hi Kim,
    I’m Kathleen Wille’s soon to be sister-in-law, and I’d love to support you! All my best wishes,


  505. acburns Says:

    You must be an amazing young woman. Prayers and thoughts are with you, I hope you win.

  506. Monica L Says:

    I vote for Kimberly Klein

  507. Anonymous Says:

    My vote is for Kim Klein

  508. The Big Room (and the little things in it) » Blog Archive » It’s over! Says:

    […] I am proud to announce that I am 5th Loser in this 2007 College Blogging Scholarship competition! […]

  509. Anthony Morelli Says:

    I voted for Thomas Peters simply because he is broad in his topics as well as articulate in his articles that need clarifying. Would like to see more coverage of the Bishop’s conference when two orthodox and very articulate Bishops were not elected by their peers. Seems like a combination of jealousy and anti conservative bias in the vote. No wonder this conference is not very well respected by the faithful who see a liberal bias in the results. The Holy Spirit has HIS work cut out in trying to get this group on the same page as Pope Benedict XVI.

  510. I’m a Blogging Scholarship Finalist - Says:

    […] I hate to solicit things on this blog but I’ve been selected as a top 20 finalist for the $10k blogging scholarship I wrote about a while ago. If you’ve got the time to spare, I’d really appreciate your vote. Compared to last year where there were only 10 finalists, there seems to be considerably more competition this year. As I’ve mentioned in the past, out-of-state Georgia Tech tuition isn’t cheap, especially when I’m going to be here for an extra semester or two from changing majors. […]

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