Announcing the Finalists for the 2007 Blogging Scholarship

Posted on 08/10/07 1:00 AM by Amelia

We were overwhelmed this year with the number of quality applications for our Blogging Scholarship. Instead of racking our brains trying to narrow it down to 10 finalists, we decided having 20 finalists was a better option for all those involved.

Here they are, in no particular order:


Now go cast your vote!


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34 Comments on “Announcing the Finalists for the 2007 Blogging Scholarship”

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    […] I have been chosen as a finalist in’s blogging scholarship- which means I’m up for a $10,000 scholarship. The finalists are listed on this page, and you can vote on this page. Please spread the word! […]

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    […] I am thrilled to notice this morning that I am in the running for the College Blogging Scholarship, honestly, if this even attracts a larger population of active readers, I’ll consider that alone an excellent “Runner-Up” prize. […]

  6. Thomas Peters Says:

    I want to thank College Scholarships for doing this. Not only is it a way to recognize accomplished bloggers, it’s also a wonderful way to encourage others to begin blogging or reading blogs. Cheers!

  7. Nancy Clark Says:

    Who’s crazier? The Donkey (finalist Chris Clark) who revealed his wife’s weight online, or The Wife (me) who just voted for him???

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  10. SMC Says:

    I’m curious – will there also be “runner-up” scholarships awarded, or is it “winner take all” this year?

    To those browsing the finalists: I suspect most of the blogs would also appreciate comments from readers.

  11. Chris Says:

    I hope this a is a joke.

    You’re willing to give $10,000 to whoever can win an online survey? How can you exepect every visitor to fairly judge each blog and then make an informed decision? All you’re really doing is having a popularity contest, and seeing who can convince most of their friends to vote for them. I’ve already received two emails from finalist telling me to go vote.

    Narrowing it down yourself might be hard, but this is not the solution. Lets not forget how easy it is to cheat at this as well (you allow one vote per IP…but MIT owns over 16 million IP addresses…)

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    […] Ipv 10 finalisten heeft de organisatie achter de ‘Blogging Scholarship’ ervoor gekozen 20 webloggers te selecteren. Het aanbod van webloggende studenten die in aanmerking wilden komen voor de studiebeurs van $ 10.000,- was gewoonweg te groot. Iedereen wilde wel op zo’n manier aan zijn studiebeurs komen. Een maand geleden werden Amerikaanse studenten met een weblog opgeroepen zich aan te melden. Één persoon zou in aanmerking komen voor die studiebeurs. Inmiddels is de aanmelding voorbij. Het publiek is nu aan de beurt. Dus wij mogen stemmen. Geloof ik. Ook al zijn we Europeaan. Maar we hebben alleen de keuze uit Amerikaanse studenten. […]

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck Kim

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck Kim.

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    […] You can check out her blog here and cast your vote in her favor here. Votes will be counted until October 28. Congrats on the nod, Liz! […]

  17. Hans Says:

    I’m not sure why everyone is voting for Kimberly Klein. Yes she has cancer but her blog isn’t very good. Is this a feel sorry for someone contest or a good blog contest?

  18. Thomas Says:

    Agreed. How are the other bloggers suppost to campaign against someone making a plea from cancer?! Hers is not the best.

  19. mcalara Says:

    I think everyone have their own personal opinion with all the contestant’s blog entry. Good luck to all of you. I believe that Kimberly Klein should be the winner!!! Have you had the time to sit a read her blogs. It is a true story. A blog should be from a person’s heart, thought and emotion. Everything she wrote is from her heart. She did not write this for people to feel sorry for her…it is to educate us. For the people who think that this is a popularity contest, I think they just have to be a good sport with all this…Maybe it is a popularity contest. She is leading which means alot of people are touched with her story. She already is a winner because she has many friends, family, and strangers who support what she had written in her blogs. So, PLS. respect the contestants…let the voters be the judge who will be the winner.

  20. kathy Says:

    I agree with mcalara’s comments 100%. I have taken the time to review all of the finalist’s blogs and was most impressed with Kim Klein’s truthful and educated writing. It hit close to home since I am a nurse and have been there for patients and friends who went through the same thing Kim is going through now. I plan to continue to check Kim’s blog and share her story with others. I gave my vote to Kim–not a family member or a friend, but a beautiful soul sister. You go girl! Keep on writing and good luck with your recovery too.

  21. Lisa Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein. Best wishes to you and your family.

  22. E.Miller Says:

    I vote for Kim Klein – she is fighting the good fight and her comments regarding our society’s ideas of beauty are right on target! Best wishes in all your endeavors.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Kim, I admire your strength and determination. Best Wishes.

  24. D. Davidson Says:

    I voted for Randy, you can tell by his blogg that he has knowledge about what he is writing about and puts alot of time into it. He will make a great reporter.

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    […] One blogger chosen by “the internet” will win $10,000 US scholarship … for keeping a blog. […]

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Kim, don’t lose hope and keep going. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Good luck and best wishes.
    By Anonymous on October 18, 2007.

  27. Tricia Says:

    Kim Klein, you are truly an inspiration. Stay strong!

  28. Josh » Blog Archive » College Says:

    […] When I first heard about this I thought it was outrageous, where on earth do they round up $10,000 for a simple college blog? I guess if you’re one of the 20 finalists you wouldn’t be thinking a little differently. I’ve read 4 or 5 out of the 20 as of now, some of them are really good, others kind of bore me. I like a blog that looks like a blog, has a blog feel, and is personalized. Some of the pages, like this one, look too much like a pop-up website to me- i’m not really feeling it. […]

  29. Travis’ Blog » Blog Archive » $10 000 Blogger Scholarship not done Says:

    […] To be a great blogger you must have a strong voice and follow a proper structure, plus some other fancy stuff is nice to have to. There is a scholarship for college students for $10 000 for the best blog. I’m not exactly sure what they are looking for in these students blogs but I can only see a few that might be deserving of the $10 000 scholarship. If they are looking for structure and the same type of structure we do with the 3-5 sentences and paragraphs, I can’t see how half of these blogs made it into the top 20. If they are looking at the voice of the blog then I can understand how these students are finalists because most of them are able to express their voice quite well. Out of the 20 finalists I am able to pick 3 people that could be deserving of the $10 000 scholarship. […]

  30. Jen Says:

    I voted for Kim Klein!

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    […] I see the hits from people examining the finalist blogs (including this one) at the 2007 College Blogging Scholarship are up, presumably since this is the last weekend of voting (insert obligatory “please vote for me” plea here). […]

  32. Roberta from Jennsylvania Says:

    Kim Klein gets my vote. All the best. Thanks.

  33. Blogging Scholarship | Shannon Says:

    […] There is a scholarship for college students to win $10 000 for the best blog. Our assignment was to choose who we felt writes the best blogs and deserves our vote to win. The trouble i found with this scholarship is that i’m not exactly sure what is wanted from the blogs. Thus I tend to have to somewhat agree with Stephanie Collin’s when she says, “A lot of people have come to me about the “unfairness” of awarding a scholarship, especially one of this size, based on an internet poll. I don’t want to sound in any way like an ungracious loser, but I tend to agree. I hope that if College offers this again next year, they will reconsider the award process.” […]

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