Vote for the Winner of the 2008 Political Blogging Scholarship

Posted on 27/02/08 11:00 AM by Amelia

So, What’s Your Choice?

Below are the 3 Finalists for the 2008 Political Blogging Scholarship. Voting will be closed on March 16th at midnight PST. Support your favorite blogger! Check out their blogs by following this post.

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143 Comments on “Vote for the Winner of the 2008 Political Blogging Scholarship”

  1. Jake Stewart Says:

    The best by a long shot.

  2. David Manes Says:

    Wow, this is a really cool thing to be chosen as a finalist for this scholarship. I hope all of you get a chance to stop by the Political Cartel and see what we are up to. Join in the conversation and feel free to leave comments!

  3. John Meyer Says:

    Jake is very well-informed and has a real interest in politics.

  4. Jake Abrams Says:

    I’d like to vote for Jake McGuire.

  5. Krystle Boise Says:

    It’s my honor and privilege to vote for David.
    Based on knowing him personally and spending time with him in a quite a few government classes in college, I can stand behind him and confirm that he is very well-read and intelligent American.

    Way to go, David.
    I’m glad to know sane people exist.

  6. Jeremy Watson Says:

    David Manes

  7. Carl Mitchell Says:

    He would be a worthy winner!

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    […] Vote for Political Cartel. […]

  9. camille madison Says:

    I couldn’t think of a more talented and driven person to win!!
    Good Luck, David!!

  10. Vote for the Cartel « TheChrisBerry Says:

    […] Here’s the link! […]

  11. jlane Says:

    I vote for David Manes.

  12. svanderburg Says:

    David Manes all the way

  13. steff Says:

    I vote for David Manes.

  14. Michael Says:

    David Manes

  15. Brian Hughes Says:

    Jake is open-minded and tries to think things through rigorously. A clear winner.

  16. amoore7 Says:

    My vote goes to David Manes.

  17. Benjamin Duranske Says:

    Jake McGuire’s blog provides a solid look at current issues, and does it with some style and humor.

  18. Laura Says:

    David Manes, all the way. We don’t always agree, but he always has well-researched insight to offer. I always enjoy reading his blog. 🙂

  19. Steve Says:

    I am voting wholeheartedly for David Manes. I have never seen such an intelligent and thoughtful young man. He’s definitely going to make huge contributions to American society. I count myself fortunate to know him.

  20. mstrand Says:

    I vote for David Manes

  21. Search Engine Marketing Man Says:

    From reading all three blogs, it’s clear that Jake is the man. He’s passionate + well-reasoned. Now that’s the combination I like to see! Plus, he’s a Yalie. Let’s support the school that has given us Howard Dean, George Pataki, John Kerry, two Clintons and a Ford (Yale Law), and scads of Bushes. It would be downright unpatriotic to not give a bipartisan show of support to the pre-eminent political training ground for our nation’s leadership.

  22. miniman Says:

    The Political Cartel. None of the other blogs really have any discussion going on.

  23. bmathews Says:

    I’m voting David Manes.

  24. Joshua Bakke Says:

    I vote for David Manes.

  25. Jenny T5 Says:

    I’d like to vote for David Manes – Political Cartel thrives in an environment that needs it.

  26. WTS Says:

    Jake McGuire is an honorable, driven, intelligent, and all around great guy. His passion for open political discourse is matched only by his wonderful character. He deserves to win, hands down. Good luck Jake!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    David Manes

  28. L. Matzke Says:

    Jake is an amazing political thinker and writer. I think the (R) after his name doesn’t fully capture his wide-ranging passion and knowledge; the Republican party has forgotten its roots of small government and the attainability of the American dream. People like Jake remind us what it means to be an American, and why the dream of the frontier ought never to be forgotten.

  29. TheChrisBerry Says:

    David Manes for President of the United States!

  30. alynanne Says:

    I am putting all my faith and trust into this vote – for David Manes. He has a real passion for politics and can really tell it like it is. Good luck to you, David! You deserve this.

  31. Pearl Bingman Says:

    Good luck to David!!!

  32. chuck Says:

    I like Anthonys balance.

  33. Justin Berk Says:

    Jake’s constant drive and hard work really pays off when you see his blog. His passion and dedication cannot go unnoticed. His informative skills, unsurprisingly, have received national news exposure and his coverage of Yale Sex Week is a must-read for every college student.

  34. Anonymous Says:


  35. theharpsyturtle Says:

    I vote for David Manes.

  36. enazer Says:

    I vote for David Manes.

  37. Chase Says:

    David Manes

  38. Lisa Says:

    David’s blog always gives me something to think about. It’s good to know we have such deep thinkers entering the world of public service.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Jake’s where it’s at. Neither of the other guys has anywhere near as fresh a take on politics. This guy is one of the best examples of the dissenting minority: a conservative at Yale University.

  40. Swimming Gear Says:

    There once was a blogger named Jake

    Who wanted more money to make,

    So he read lots of books

    Riled up left-wing kooks

    Won this contest, went out and bought steak.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    vote for jake mcguire

  42. Anonymous Says:

    David Manes is the man.

  43. Smart Says:

    Jake gets my vote. Congratulations on achieving such strong political vision at a young age!

  44. Karie Says:

    David Manes is one of the smartest, hard-working and civic-minded people that I know. His interest in improving the world around him is reflected in his excellent blog. Good luck, David!

  45. David Wagner Says:

    My vote is for Jake McGuire.

  46. carrollrenee Says:

    Jake’s blog is clearly the best one!

  47. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to vote for David Manes, please.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    David Manes.

  49. JDW Says:

    I vote for David Manes.

  50. Adrienne Says:

    I vote for David Manes.

    Go David!

  51. Anonymous Says:

    David Palmer will win he represents the people

  52. Sara Says:

    David has incredible insight, and his blog is both informative and entertaining. He gets my vote.

  53. Daniel Adams Says:

    Very lucid comments. I’m voting for David.

  54. MomInStands Says:

    Manes is the MAN.

  55. NTT Says:

    I vote for DAVID MANES!

  56. Jack O'Connor Says:

    Mr. McGuire’s

  57. Tara Howard Says:

    Go Jake my vote is for you.

  58. ME Says:

    Writing the kind of blog that David (et. al.) write at HU is no small task.

    It’s a liberal blog in a ultra-conservative world.

    Rock on Cartel.

  59. Yalie Says:

    I would have supported Jake McGuire had he known that Alan Keyes was running for President. As it stands, he came off as woefully uninformed.

  60. Pam Catron Says:

    I vote for Jake McGuire! Go Jake! Mrs. Catron

  61. reader1 Says:

    I vote for Anthony Palmer because his comments are well-written and show a mature, thoughtful point of view. His writing considers opposing viewpoints and risks stepping out of the mainstream to politely refute them factual points and honorable opinion.

  62. Jane! Says:


  63. Rachel G Says:

    I vote for David Manes.

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  65. Carlos Bulling Says:

    What a great scholarship opportunity!

    Good luck!!

  66. Anonymous Says:

    Go David Manes!

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Dave Manes deserves it…after all this is a passion. I vote for him every opportunity I get…and I really really think he should go for Presidency someday.

  68. Jennifer Says:

    I would like to vote for David Manes.

  69. Mary Vincent Says:

    my vote goes to Jake McGuire

  70. Lena Says:

    I’m voting for David Manes!

  71. PRB Says:

    If we would like to speak about dissenting minorities I would love to bring the name David Manes into the picture. David is a liberal Democrat at a conservative faith-based college in the state that chose Mike Huckabee as it’s leader for two terms. This is not easy at all. It is extremely difficult to be bombarded with opposing ideas in classes (as I’m sure Mr. McGuire also experiences at Yale), but it is even more difficult when at times it is insinuated that by taking a certain stance you are disowning your faith. Knowing David personally, I know that he is a person who doesn’t let a campus that sometimes likes to ignore the wall between church and state intimidate him or lower his personal standards in political discourse. David Manes always invites discussion and seeks to develop a mutually beneficial relationship out of everyone he comes into contact with, rather than simply debating them due to disagreement. I feel David exemplifies the way that being a minority causes you to seriously contemplate every aspect of your beliefs, developing you into a better scholar and better person. I also feel that Political Cartel portrays all of these aspects of David in an unabashed way, especially David’s love of discussion. For this reason I David Manes gets my vote and hopefully yours as well.

  72. Jessica W Says:

    I vote for David Manes. I truly believe that someday he will be the president of the United States and I can guarantee he wants this more than anyone. The evidence is clear in his writing.

  73. Mari Says:

    I vote for Jake!!

  74. Anonymous Says:

    David Manes!

  75. Jill Kaminski Says:

    Jake is articulate and wise beyond his years. I’m thrilled that conservatives lives among (some of) the youth of America!

  76. Jill Kaminski Says:

    Oops — typo!
    I’m thrilled that CONSERVATISM lives among (some of) our young people!

  77. Lindsey Says:


  78. Stephen Taufen Says:

    Anthony Palmer gets my well-seasoned vote, as his research and perspective bring us a mature read worthy of respect in opinion. (I do similar grassroots advocacy as a fisheries columnist, writer, blogger fighting Alaskan corruption with others, too.) All of these folks are serving as citizen-warriors in a society where nothing short of paying full attention will bring us back our representative republic. Glad to see Obama is understood. Fair skies, good political winds…

  79. David Manes Says:

    This is already way more comments than there were for the scholarship last year. I checked – there were only 35 for that entire competition. There are over 70 in the first couple of days in this one! That is pretty exciting!

  80. Kelsey Says:

    Great job, David Manes!

  81. Shiro Says:

    Anthony Palmer should be the one to be choosen. I respect not only his political view points but also his gentleness.

  82. Keith Says:

    David Manes is a gentleman and a scholar…

  83. Tyler J Says:

    David Manes. Duh.

  84. TOM Says:

    Ofcource I vote for Anthony.
    Go Anthony !

  85. Barack Obama Says:

    David Manes – Fired up and ready to go!

  86. Anonymous Says:

    David Banes is definitely not dumb or anything, but Jake is just outstanding! His work on the Yale Free Press blog is further evidence.

  87. Reginald Williams Says:

    I vote for Anthony Palmer because he represents the future blogger: those experts from diverse backgrounds who prefer not lean from one side or another. It’s a balanced approach.

    Secondly, not only are the posts well written, but they are EXTREMELY well researched. You will not find one unsubstantiated fact in his comments. He even balances his resources. He does not favor CNN or Fox over the Washington Post or New York Times. He tries to pull in everyone.

    Lastly, have you read what this guy’s life has been? Japan? Germany? Bi-lingual? Duke? Sorry. Neither of the other guys can boost such a unique background. That’s what we need in the political blog world: different perspectives.

    Mr. Palmer, you have my vote.

  88. Lea Says:

    You should vote for Jake
    We think his mom is great
    She raised him right
    To not give up a fight

    Good Luck from the Red, White & Blue
    CHS loves you.

  89. Lea Says:

    Good luck Jake!

  90. Mary Louise Hite Says:

    David Manes is a member of the North Hills church of Christ, of which my husband have been members for over 35 years. David is a fine, Christian young man, much deserving of this award. He is a great example of what young Christian men should me.

  91. Ross Says:

    Anthony Palmer is the most astute political blogger I’ve read.

  92. TMo Says:

    I’ve been to all three and Anthony’s is the best. The Seven-Ten is the most insightful and non-partisan blog I’ve ever been to, and it’s the first place I check for political news. Go Anthony!

  93. Adam R. Solomon Says:

    After reading the three finalists, while the other two blogs are very thoughtful and intelligent, it seems the clear choice is Jake McGuire. He’s not afraid to say what needs to be said, even if it’s unpopular, and support it with a well-reasoned argument. Best of luck to Mr. McGuire!!

  94. William L. Scott Says:

    Congrats Anthony, kep up the good work, even all the way from OH! Canada you have support. GO OBAMA!!!! Hialary or Edwards for Veep.

  95. JFH Says:

    As a fan of true balance and critical thinking, I’m happy to vote for Anthony. Got my fingers crossed!

  96. Mr. Lehnus Says:

    In support of Jake- a promising student whom I am pleased has continued the journey for knowledge and truth and is striving to utilize his intelligence and passion in service of others.

  97. Anonymous Says:

    Way to go, David.

  98. Duane Levi Says:

    Anthony, best of luck to you!

  99. jp Says:

    I vote for Jake.

  100. Charlie Crow Says:

    A friend pointed me in the direction of David Manes at Political Cartel. Not knowing what to expect from a blogger based at a school that was had a well-earned reputation in my own youth as the heartbeat of ultra right-wing political and religious narrow-mindedness, I was skeptical. Glad I checked him out. David’s writing is both thoughtful and balanced, while skilfully presenting his own ideological arguments. David, I hope you win!

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  102. Deacon Tim Says:

    Anthony is arguably the sanest voice in political commentary anywhere on the blogosphere. He wrestles with real issues, engages in real debate, and promotes real thinking. He deserves a wider audience.

  103. larry Says:

    We need more independent thinkers. Anthony does a great job.

  104. MFC Says:

    Jake McGuire is excellent.

  105. The 7-10 « Not Very Bright Says:

    […] March 3, 2008 by notverybright Fellow S.C. blogger Anthony Palmer needs your help. He’s been nominated for a scholarship to be awarded to a political blogger.  Go here to vote for Anthony. […]

  106. Anna Says:

    I would like to vote for David Manes. Great blog!

  107. Tara Henderson Says:

    Great job, Jake.

  108. Anonymous Says:

    Davis Manes gets my vote.

  109. Jeff Manes Says:

    Good luck David! You’re goin’ all the way!

  110. Yoko Yamamoto Says:

    I would like to vote for Anthony Palmer.

  111. April Long Says:

    David Manes.

  112. alan elrod Says:

    david manes

  113. Ocular Fusion » Blog Archive » Vote For David Maines Says:

    […] David is a fellow blogger, Harding man and overall good guy who runs a very good blog called Political Cartel which I read and have linked to for sometime now. In fact, he’s done such a good job that now he’s a finalist for the 2008 Political Blogging Scholarship from College […]

  114. Sue Young Says:

    I vote for Jake McGuire!

  115. Vanessa Says:

    I vote for Jake

  116. Sally Young Says:

    Anthony has one of the most interesting, curious and intelligent minds of anyone I know.
    I wish him well.

  117. Eddie Says:

    I vote for Anthony…a trailblazer

  118. Mary Park Says:

    I would like to vote for Jake McGuire

  119. Ryan Says:

    David gets my vote hands down!

  120. Narita Says:

    Whom does an American leader become?
    There is influence in Japan.

    It is precise, and the analysis of Anthony is exciting.

    Who is a leader for the world to become peaceful?

    I ask! American nation and Anthony.

  121. Nina Says:

    Way to go David…good luck…Nina

  122. Anonymous Says:

    good luck anthony!

  123. Brandon Says:

    voting for David

  124. Allison Says:

    Anthony, for sure. A genius.

  125. Steve Johnson Says:

    Anthony Palmer gets my vote. His blog is always insightful. You can tell how much thought and focus went into every single post. While I usually agree with his analysis, he goes one step further in the thorough way he presents his ideas.

  126. Tala Ono Says:

    I have no reservations about giving Anthony Palmer my vote. He is admirably articulate and distinctive. I wish him lots of success!

  127. Jeff Manes Says:

    David Manes:best choice

  128. Larry Stevenson Says:

    I love anthony’s blog. It has so much in it that I have not seen on other blogs. for example, he wrote something on Obama’s Blackness. I thought it was amazing. Never read anything like that.

  129. Evelyn Evans Says:

    Great to hear about your blog. I wish you the best.
    Come by to see us at SCATP sometime.

  130. Shar'maine Says:

    One of my friend’s sent me the link to Anthony’s blog. I never read a blog on politics before, but this was great. He really knows how explain things in a intellectual way.

    I’m going to keep reading. I hope you win, anthony!!!

  131. DonnyImani Says:

    Palmer is a formidable political thinker. Wow…

  132. Anonymous Says:

    Obama, Clinton, and McCanin need to hire Anthony. He does a kick-butt job pointing out the good/bad about all candidates.

    I just like how he doesnot go either way party-wise. Really nice to see somebody like that.

  133. Kathleen Orndorff Says:

    I would like to vote for Jake McGuire.

  134. Kevin Says:

    I vote for Jake

  135. Michael Says:

    I think it is odd that Anthony, who is a full-time teacher who is 31 years old is competing with two real college students. After all, he graduated from his undergraduate school almost a decade ago. It just seems a little unfair.

  136. Betty Ulrey Says:

    We think David Manes is the best prospect!

    Betty and Evan Ulrey

  137. Paul Says:

    Cast my vote for David Manes (even though he is a Democrat)

  138. Jeannie Werner Says:

    David Manes deserves the vote!

  139. sarah Says:

    sry, I vote for David Manes.

  140. Tiffany Says:

    I am voting for Anthony Palmer.

  141. No Limit on Education Says:

    I truly believe that there is no limit on how much education one wishes to obtain and the means to get financial assistance. Race, sex, religion, and age should not matter. Every penny helps and contest like this one should be applauded. Why deny someone else the opportunity to achieve a higher level of education with financial assistance? I found it somewhat odd that two of the bloggers are the sole contributors while another has four people contributing to it. Congrats to the winner! You deserve it.

  142. Reginald Williams Says:

    I see some very disrespectful comments on this page about Mr. Palmer winning. Some comments suggest that he unfairly won because he’s “a 31 year old full-time teacher.” It is quite amazing how people believe that just because you are not an undergraduate that financial aid or any other scholarship awards not needed.

    I think we should be happy for whoever won the award. This kind of nipping at the winner’s heals smacks of the same kind of Criticism that Clinton launches toward Obama because she’s in second place, not in first place.

  143. David Manes Says:

    Congratulations to Anthony. He maintains a very impressive blog and did a remarkable job getting out the vote for the contest. This whole event was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it.

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