2011 Blogging Scholarship Finalists

Posted on 15/11/11 7:10 PM by Amelia

Here are the 2011 Blogging Scholarship finalists. You can vote here

Delana Lefevers Gajitz

David Shiffman Southern Fried Science

Brian McElhinny Raise The Jolly Roger

Ben Swanson Rufus on Fire

Philip Tanedo Quantum Diaries

Carlos Hernandez Carlos Eats

Camille Beredjick Gay Writes

Miraj Patel Miraj Patel.com

Shannyn Allan Frugal Beautiful

Ray Sanders Dear Astronomer.com

Taylor Marvin PROSPECT

Mark Lamprecht Here I Blog

Emily Steen Emylibef

Ariel Norling An Educationin Education

Heather Cohen Escaping Anergy

Jacquelyn Gill Contemplative Mammoth

Kendra Lay Kendra Lay.com

John McAuliff Road Trip of Passage

Kevin Flora EdMatics

Chelsea Long Pilgrimage.

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13 Comments on “2011 Blogging Scholarship Finalists”

  1. Kevin Cary Says:

    As a former sports reporter with more than 15 years of experience, I’ve seen many bylines of young writers. Yet, Ben Swanson’s passion for sports writing (through his Rufus on Fire blog and other projects) illustrates an uncommon potential. Ben doesn’t just write – he’s knowledgeable, engaging, and understands just how to present his content in an ever-changing media landscape. Vote for Ben – he’s earned it.

  2. Southern Fried Scientist Says:

    Quantum Diaries links to a dead domain. Is the address correct?


    Ed note: wow that is weird timing…Google has over 5,000 pages in their index from that site with some of them indexed as recently as 2 days ago. My guess is they forgot to renew their domain & they will probably re-renew it in the next day or 2. It *was* a great site & was being actively worked on in the past week.

  3. shoba Says:

    May God shower His blessing upon you Miraj.

  4. Catherine Says:

    Go Camille! You’re doing important work. Also, it seems that any blog that features advertising should NOT be eligible…

  5. Sam Patel Says:

    Good luck miraj patel

  6. Jared Says:

    I don’t know any of the bloggers taking part in this contest. So rather than casting a vote just to help a buddy out, I’m actually reading over each blog. I see several candidates worthy of a scholarship. However, as a fellow scientist (or scientist in training) I really support the mission statement of Jacquelyn Gill. Science works to better our understanding of the world. Sharing new knowledge and perspective with the general public is a noble cause, and that’s why Contemplative Mammoth has earned my vote.

  7. Audrey SN Says:

    It is really depressing that a sport blog is receiving more votes than those which deal with real important issues as gay rights, conservation, animal rights, etc. Sorry guys, it is not personal, but I just ask people to please check all the blogs before giving a vote. It should not be a matter of favoritism. Please just take few minutes and check what others have to offer.

  8. Thom Says:

    I understand that people are going to complain about sports and their lack of “importance,” but the idea that somehow that excludes Ben or Brian from being worthy of this scholarship is just insulting. Topic does not detract from their quality of writing or insight.

  9. Colin Says:

    There is nothing on this Earth that brings people together the way a sporting event does. Sports provide an outlet for those that are struggling. They provide a community where things like race, age, and gender don’t matter. Sports are the basis for a lot of friendships.

    Bottom line: Sports are important.

  10. MattBRC Says:

    Ben and Brian are both fantastic writers, why would their contributions not be worth as much as someone who writes about social issues?

  11. Andrew Says:

    I thought this was about the quality of the writing. You may find that sports isn’t something that doesn’t inspire you, and that’s fine. But the people who run the competition felt that Ben and Brian were worthy finalists.

    While we all want to support our friends (#TeamSwanson), and in a high stakes competition as this is proving to be, we all go a little mad sometimes. But the fact of the matter is no matter if you have a problem with the subject matter, they deserve to be here.

  12. Allen Mickle Says:

    Mark Lamprecht offers consistently mature, thoughtful, and engaging reflection on theological issues with a strong emphasis on examining current events from this perspective. I encourage you to vote for Mark because of his excellent work in this area. Graduate level theological training, which will be paid for with this scholarship, will only further improve the caliber of his writing.

    Vote for Mark Lamprecht.

  13. Tanaka Says:

    If you go look at the top 7 or 8 blogs, the ones that have more than 1 or 2% of the votes, you’ll see solid, consistent, well-written content. Some of them are highlighting the posts that show of the skills of the nominee, some are posting fun things to encourage their readers to vote, some are simply continuing to write the high quality posts that got them a large and loyal readership to begin with.

    The go down and look at some (not all) of the low scoring blogs. All you see are posts bad mouthing the competition and complaining about how unjust it is that a competition for a blogging scholarship is being measured in the currency of blogging–the ability to network and promote you blog. These people could have benefited from playing some sports, maybe then they wouldn’t be such sore losers that feel entitled even though they clearly aren’t producing anything near as high quality as the top blogs.

    Here’s a pro-tip for those demanding everyone who benefited from ballot stuffing: if you had 600 votes in one day under the old system and only 150 in the last three days under the new system, you were getting fraudulent votes too.

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