And The Winner Is…

Posted on 22/11/08 7:27 AM by Amelia

Congrats to David Mauro for being awarded the Blogging Scholarship. David Cameron finished as the first runner up, and Thomas Peters is the second runner up.

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6 Comments on “And The Winner Is…”

  1. American Papist Says:

    Congratulation to all the finalists!

  2. American Papist Says:

    CongratulationS to all the finalists! 😉

  3. Fnarf Says:

    Your process sucks. You know that, right?

  4. Why the Lamp Exists (Post-Election Wrap-Up) « The Arizona Desert Lamp Says:

    […] So, in a rather quiet denouement, the 2008 College Blogging Scholarship has officially come to a close. Congratulations to winner David Mauro, author of Burnt Orange Report, as well as runners-up David […]

  5. John Says:

    I am impressed with the strength of David’s campaign. Something I am sure he learned from his dad and will serve him well as his impact on all of our lives unfolds.

  6. Morgan Says:

    Congratulations to the winner! I was just curious…is there going to be a 2009 Scholarship opportunity for bloggers and if so, when will that begin?

    Thanks! Congrats again to David!

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