Announcing the Winner of the $5000 Blogging Scholarship + Bonuses!

Posted on 06/11/06 1:02 AM by Amelia

Congratulations Stephen Yellin of Drew University!!!!

Stephen is our Grand Prize winner and will be receiving $5000 for his college education.

But there’s more…

We have decided to award our 2nd and 3rd place finalists with $1000 each! So congrats to Paul Stamatiou and Shelly Batts.

Stop by and congratulate them:

Stephen Yellin
Paul Stamatiou
Shelly Batts

There’s even more..
All of our other finalists will be receiving $100!

See our complete list of 10 finalists here.

Our Other Scholarships:

Don’t forget about our foundation’s other 6 scholarships. They are each awarded 4 times per year. See our complete list of scholarships.

More Financial Aid Options:

If you like to hunt for all possible funding opportunities, we also provide a huge categorized list of additional scholarship and grant resources.

We’re also finishing up on a Google-powered topic specific search engine for all college related financial aid. More to come soon…

We Want a Resident Blog Writer

20-30 posts per month at $1000. Read all about it here.

Next Year’s Blogging Scholarship:

Please leave constructive comments below about what we should do next year for an even greater Blogging Scholarship. A perfect example would be the comment from Jim Benton. The first comment here is a copy of his comment from another post.

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9 Comments on “Announcing the Winner of the $5000 Blogging Scholarship + Bonuses!”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Copy from: Prup (aka Jim Benton) on November 4th, 2006

    This is a wonderful idea, and there are a number of highly qualified candidates. I would like to suggest, in the future, one rule change. Voting should be on a 5-3-1 basis (5 for 1st Place, 3 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd) with the provision that no vote would be counted unless all three places were filled out.
    The reason for this is to encourage people to at least glance at all the candidates before voting.

    This year, for example, one candidate — a highly qualified one, let me insist — is being supported by a number of bloggers I read regularly. This is certainly to be encouraged, and the argument “If she’s good enough for X, she’s good enough for me,” is certainly a legitimate reason for casting a ballot.

    However, I wonder how many people who did vote for her — and I would have given her a 2nd Place vote, and even that was close, she could easily have gotten my 1st, so I am not criticizing her — simply surfed over and voted without checking the entire list. (Some of them might not even have been familiar with her own blog and simply voted on the basis of the recommendation.)

    The change I suggest would lessen the liklihood of such an occurence in the future.

    By Prup (aka Jim Benton) on November 4th, 2006

  2. coturnix Says:

    Congratulations to everybody!

    The main lesson for next year? Make everything very clear from the outset: who can apply (and why or why not), and is it supposed to be academic blogging or just anything.

  3. Daniel Says:


    good point. I’m sure we will have some solutions that satisfy those requests.

  4. Bring it on « neurocontrarian Says:

    […] P.S. Congrats Shelley! Yous dones goods! Posted by nick Filed in Articles of Interest, Science, radio, videos, Debates, lectures […]

  5. Says:

    […] Update: Shelley secured third place, worth $1000. […]

  6. kambiz kamrani Says:

    Building on Jim Benton, I propose having a tiered voting schemata like My Dream App had.

    The first round would include a short window of votes where by ONLY people’s application essays are portrayed in random order everytime someone loads the page. Details on the person and their blog will be stripped from the essay. Hopefully, then people will vote based upon the person’s writing capabilities and passion for blogging and their discourse, and not just the popularity of their blog. A short window of time to caste the first votes will prevent people from identifying their own essays and advertising them.

    The cutoff can be arbitrary, but of then I would assum like 5 make it to the second round of voting. Where by people must visit the blogs and find some code in the blog to caste the ballot. There’s flaws in this but at least it gets people to check out the other blogs?

    The last round of votes will be the best of three. By now people have built more readership than what they are currently limted too. People would be tracking the best of three blogs and the one who writes the best and is most passionate about his or her subject would be the winner.

    I haven’t quite thoroughly thought this thru but its what I got now. Feel free to rip it apart, too!

    Thanks, Dan for this opportunity to participate and help better the voting for next time!


  7. Says:

    Thank you to all who voted for me at the $5,000 blogging scholarship!…

    So the $5,000 blogging scholarship has ended and has come in 4th place.
    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all who have voted for me and this site! The current data on how many votes you guys generated is now gone but it was a…

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    […] The winners of the Blog Scholarship are in!  I didn’t win, but I’m receiving 100.00$ I can use for food or towards new bra’s or that pesky phone bill this month. […]

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