Vote for the Winner of The $5000 Blogging Scholarship

Posted on 31/10/06 6:09 AM by Amelia

In our previous post we linked through to the blogs of the finalists for The Blogging Scholarship.

If you or a friend were nominated as a finalist, make sure you ask friends, family, and classmates to vote. You may also be able to increase your chances of winning by blogging about the scholarship or asking your readers to blog about you. Please don’t directly stuff the ballot box though because we track the votes using IP addresses, cookies, etc.
Best of luck to everyone. The poll closes at midnight Eastern time on November 5th. The winner will be announced on the morning of November 6th, 2006.

Update: The Winner has been announced!

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99 Comments on “Vote for the Winner of The $5000 Blogging Scholarship”

  1. » Blogging Scholarship Finalists Announced! - Scholarships Around the US Says:

    […] Go here now and cast your vote! […]

  2. » Announcing The Blogging Scholarship - Scholarships Around the US Says:

    […] The top 10 scholarship finalists were announced on October 30, 2006. On October 31st we will open up a public vote to determine the first winner. GO HERE AND VOTE NOW! Voting will be closed on November 5th and the winner will be announced on November 6th. […]

  3. Says:

    Vote for the $5,000 blogging scholarship!…

    Oh my, I woke up this morning to the most incredible news! I applied to a blogging scholarship, this weekend and I just found out that we are finalists to win $5,000! Right now, it is time for everyone to vote for the site in order for us to win.


  4. scott wilbanks Says:

    Ben Kimball should win this. He is very dedicated.

  5. The Stink needs your help | Says:

    […] Now they want people to vote, Voe for Ben, please. He deserves it. He works fulltime, raises two amazing kids (along with Sister #2) and goes to school fulltime. If ever there was someone who deserved a $5000 scholarship, it’s him. […]

  6. Vote for Ben | Says:

    […] The Stink who keeps a religious blog on Vox (which makes sense considering he’s a theology major), is one of 10 finalists for a $5000 scholarship. Now they want people to vote. Vote for Ben Kimball, please. […]

  7. Cyberspace Rendezvous :: Vote for me for a $5000 scholarship :: October :: 2006 Says:

    […] I’m one of ten finalists for a scholarship! This is my last year and this scholarship would so totally make my last semester awesome; currently I am taking out private loans because my Federal Loans have already hit the limit. This would so rock, so please vote for me. Voting closes November 5th! […]

  8. two dolla » Blog Archive » vote for ben kimball! Says:

    […] All you have to do is click right here and vote for him. That’s it. Do it. It’s easy and fun. Jodi has reasons why you should. My main reason? He has the coolest son ever. […]

  9. Says:

    I’m a Scholarship Finalist – Vote for Me…

    I woke up to a great email this morning. Apparently I have been chosen as a Top 10 finalist for a $5,000 blogging scholarship for college students. The final winner is chosen via an online vote, so if you would like to vote for me you can. Do everythin…

  10. coturnix Says:

    Two questions:

    How were the 10 finalists decided?

    Can we see the complete list of all entrants?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    There is real depth to his posts — I’ve learnewd a lot.

  12. Daniel Says:


    Thanks for your interest..

    All of the entrants were not under the impression that they would be made public unless as a finalist, so we honor that and keep it that way.

    The 10 finalists were decided based on our guidelines:

    “Your blog must contain unique and interesting information about you and/or things you are passionate about.”

  13. coturnix Says:

    Thank you.

    Although I think that having a Top 100 Technorati blogger (Stamatiou), as good as he is, unfair to others who can never get as many readers to come and support them. He’ll win in a landslide no matter what others do to promote themselves.

  14. Daniel Says:


    I understand your concern, but I wouldn’t throw in the towel on the others just yet.

  15. Andrew Says:

    I agree with coturnix. Considering the popularity and amount of traffic to Stamatiou’s blog, how could anybody even come close to winning this scholarship.

  16. Andrew Says:

    He(Stamatiou) probably pulls in like $5k every few months from his ads anyways.

  17. hussain rezai Says:

    I like to do a joint project about physical anthropology with thise

    who like to do such projects,I ask such shcolars to contact me. thanks

  18. Daniel Says:


    If someone is resourceful enough, they can. As of now, at 2:13pm on the first day, Stamatiou is not in the lead.

    Imagine if other websites like Digg send a bunch of people to vote.

    Or even better..consider this being mentioned on – it’ll be really exciting.

  19. Paul Stamatiou Says:

    @Andrew: I make less than $150 a month and that does nothing for my $30,000/semester tuition. I am not a Top 100 blogger. I am a top 100 favorited blogger – big difference.

  20. stephanie tate Says:

    paul definitely gets my vote!

  21. David Julian Says:

    Please everyone – head on over to Jennifer Wong’s blog for some seriously good writing, intensely insightful photography, and marvelously introspective intellectual content. The point of these types of scholarships is to reward and encourage minds like hers. We need more of them out in the world doing their gorgeous work for the rest of us!

  22. Anakin Says:

    Shelly is really hot so vote for her.

  23. Vote for me & Help me get Scholarship! « A Birth Project Says:

    […] Ive been selected as one top 10 finalists for the The Blogging Scholarship!  (Cheese!) I totally need your support in the next 5 days - come vote for me! Winners will be annouced Nov 6th and its $5000.00!!! I SO need this! […]

  24. Jodi Says:

    I don’t know if this is like campaigning at the polls, but I just want to put in a word for Ben Kimball.

    He works full-time, raises two kids, and studies his ass off in the little spare time that he has.

    If there’s anyone who deserves a little bit of help, it’s Ben.

  25. Lisa Marie Says:

    Yay! I’m so excited to be nominated for the top 10! Please vote for me – I’m a broke grad student, have reached the max of my loans and need support! I’m tryin to finish up my work on this dissertation prospectus, while trying to balance all of the work I do – writing, theatre production, research, speaking, workshops, all my multi-media projects, teaching and support of my students! I could SO use this funding to assist me!! I’m broke and always at the end of semesters its a struggle to pay bills, eat and get simple things like toilet paper!!! Thanks!!

  26. Lisa Marie Says:

    Lisa’s courageous work is stimulating and precedent-setting.

  27. Mary Says:

    How are the statistics being calculated? ??

  28. Anna Says:

    I know that Lisa Marie is deserving of this honor. Whe works very hard and is interested how this formadible medium can and is helping to transform the political and cultural landscape of our society. This is so important as we see how the public spaces are less and less available to non-corporate or non-governmental interests. She is very much in touch with and a leader of efforts to use the blogosphere as a socially transformative (and fun) tool.

    She is a hard worker, a brilliant student, a visionary and a good citizen and netizen. She will represent this newly powerful mode of online engagement well and with an eye toward inclusivity for all groups.

    Do vote for Lisa Marie, she warrants your support.

  29. Vote for Pranam Says:

    […] Vote for Pranam. […]

  30. Concerned Mathematician Says:

    seems as though the percentages are not being calculated properly

  31. Daniel Says:

    Mary, we use a WordPress plugin. Also, we track the votes using IP addresses, cookies, etc.

  32. Christopher Says:

    Lisa Marie Rollins’ A Birth Project is so much more than a Blog – its a critical news source, a powerful insight into the world of transracial adoption, racism, and how to survive both. I send people to the blog who talk about how their lives have changed because of Lisa Marie’s work. Fabulous work filling a huge need in racial awareness and adoption work. (and dont make this a popularity contest!)

  33. Connie Says:

    Lisa Marie’s work fulfills a niche that is somewhere between underserved and nonexistent, setting her candidacy apart from the rest. As a survivor of transracial adoption myself, I can speak to the absolute necessity of her work as a resource to this growing demographic that is desparately trying to come to terms with our place in the world.

  34. Bryan Says:

    Wow, do I feel some jealousy towards Stamatiou? I mean, he’s worked to get where he is today and he deserves this scholarship as much if not more than the others. The fact that people are thinking he doesn’t need the money because of ads shows how shallow those people are when it comes to the subject.

    I’m just afraid that this will turn into another high school popularity contest. Why not just give all of them the money, they all seem to deserve it in their own way. It’s the internet, a place where Jason Kottke wins a Bloggie for best design, when has voting ever been fair?

  35. Ali Says:

    I’m just afraid that this will turn into another high school popularity contest.

    Yeah, I’m a little disappointed it ended up this way too. Its not even possible for niche science-related blogs like Shelley’s, Jenni’s and Kambiz’s to compete with very heavily-trafficked blogs dealing with more mainstream topics. All the blogs are excellent, but the popular appeal and raw traffic will dictate the winner, not content.

    Either way, I’ve learned about some interesting new blogs/people. Just too bad that the scholarship might not really go to the blog of the best quality.

  36. Julie Says:

    We use Lisa Marie’s blog in our work to educate parents about transracial adoption. Her blog is an eye-opener for many of them!

  37. Daniel Says:


    If the word spreads to large number of science bloggers, I believe that would be enough to compete with the raw traffic. It is only day 1.

  38. Ji In Says:

    Lisa Marie, the original Ungrateful Daughter, and her blog “A Birth Project” should be ESSENTIAL household names, not only for fellow transracial adoptees like me, but for every last person with a family. Period.

    LM is doing the work and spreading awareness through artistry, activism and community-building. It doesn’t get much better than that. Vote for her, support her blog, and get yourself to her solo performance, Ungrateful Daughter. You’ll be blown away.

    Lisa Marie for president!!!!

  39. Amanda Says:

    Vote for Ben Kimball – he deserves this scholarship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Jorge Says:

    Lisa Marie is the most talented good hearted person I’ve run onot in my life. Her work is excatly what humanity need theses days; beauty, honesty, commitment, humor, a glimer of hope. It about others, not herself, or her own benefit! I see her as a historical figure in the making.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    what about me?

  42. $5000 Blogging Scholarship - Voting Opens Says:

    […] Voting is open for the $5000 Blogging Scholarship. There are some good bloggers in the list but after a bit of consideration I went with Paul Stamatiou (who I’m a regular reader of and admire as a blogger). […]

  43. Maurice Sloane Says:

    This kid Yellin does so much important public service work he should win this Scholorship hands down. We need more young men like him in this country and we need to encourage him.


  44. Nadege Clitandre Says:

    Lisa Rollin’s blog exposes the work and activism of an awesome scholar and creative writer who is always engaging with the world around her. Do vote for this amazing sister. She deserves it!

  45. Casting Out Nines»Blog Archive » Blogging scholarship finalists are up Says:

    […] The ten finalists for the Blogging Scholarship have been selected. The names and links to their blogs are here. Readers are invited to go check out their blogs and vote for your favorite. I’ve only looked at a few of them, but they seem quite impressive in both design and content. (Although one is a Daily Kos diary that repeats the same angry, mean-spirited political stuff that everybody else on Kos seems to repeat, so points docked for content there.) […]

  46. Paul Stamatiou Says:

    Someone tell Stephen Yellin that the scholarship is $5,000 not $20,000 and that the scholarship will be held annually – not that the same person gets it every year that they are in school.

  47. Keiko Says:

    Cheers to Lisa Marie from Japan! Her great work reaches here. It inspires and educates people on a worldwide level.

  48. is this allowed Says:

    Please, vote for by November 5th, 2006. The site is listed under my name, Kambiz Kamrani. Please ask everyone you know to vote for the site, as well. Should the site win the money, it will help pay for a super fast host, developers to add features to the site, and paid science writers. I will issue a budget on how it will all break down, soon!

  49. Mimi Zukoff Says:

    Stephen Yellin is an awesome young man

  50. jack wong Says:

    Jenni W is dedicated ,hard working young lady

  51. gathering in light - » Help Vote In a Scholarship for Paul Says:

    […] I know I don’t normally do stuff like this but it seems like a worthy cause. I read and often cite Paul Stamatiou’s blog (a College student from Virgina Tech), and appreciate the stuff I learn from his site. In fact, many of his tutorials, reviews and tips have helped me learn how to use technology better. All that to say, he’s got the possibility of getting a scholarship if he can get the most votes (a pretty weird way to give out a scholarship). So if you’ve got a moment and like to help a student out by offering the click of your mouse button then go to the scholarship page, and cast your vote. […]

  52. Kambiz Kamrani Says:

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Kambiz Kamrani, and I am a finalist for the above scholarship. Some other finalists have been submitting comments letting everyone know who they are and what they are about… I figure I should do the same since the site I am representing,, is a niche topic. It maybe too late, because I figure most of you have already voted and are now perusing the comment thread, but hey – may as well get to know everyone involved, no?

    I’m a graduate student studying biology. I received a Bachelor’s in anthropology from UCSC. I started in 2005 to create and serve a global anthropology community. Some of you may not know what anthropology is, why it is important, and why you should vote for anthropology. Anthropology is the study of humankind throughout all times and places. In the United States it is fractioned up into socio-cultural research, bio-physical research, and archaeology and linguistic lie somewhere in between the two. But as a whole, this discipline is all encompassing.

    You should vote for because it has the potential of representing all of the topics represented in the other blogs, from technology to politics to economics. Moreover, anthropology integrates how these things CHANGE our lives and lifestyles.

    I personally don’t need the money for my education. I got that covered, I work on the weekends and pay for my tuition and books. I need the money for anthropology. The monies given to me, from this contest, should win, will go back into developing the community for future students in anthropology. Your vote will be better served because it will recycled back into educating and creating a cohesive community. So please, if you haven’t voted for a site by now, choose


    Kambiz Kamrani

  53. jordan Says:

    through writing, singing, and performing, lisa inspires me to write. and make no mistake, this writing of lisa and of her far reach represents a movement to change all of our imaginations, about transracial adoptions, about the echoes of racism, about the beauty of our gatherings infused with song, music, food, art, and visions forward. since i’m often my own worst critic, i cannot thank her enough but through the work that i strive to do. each one, teach one . . . and vote one for lisa. much love.

  54. Julie Says:

    Kambiz Kamrani is a very dedicated young man. He is very desrving of this scholarship primarily due to his commitment to his education, his leadership abilities, and his academic history. Please consider him for this scholarship. My family and I have voted one time for each family member. We wish Kambiz only good things and will continue to acknowledge his academic successes.

  55. Vote for the Winner of The $5000 Blogging Scholarship at Blog For Smart Masses Says:

    […] Please vote for the winner of a $5,000 blogging scholarship. There are ten finalists who could win $5,000 for their efforts blogging. All are students who need the money to fund their education and their blogs and your vote can help deliver that to one of them! Vote Here Tags :Web Web Services                […]

  56. Fido Says:

    Vote for Jennifer!!!!!

    Unless you are an idiot!!!

  57. D. Fortes Says:

    I have known Lisa for many years. The Blog she created allows a vehicle to express her feelings. Lisa with her gift of writing has been able to develop a vehicle for others to share their feelings and concerns.

  58. jKwon Says:

    Go 4 it, Paul Stamatiou

  59. $5000 Blogging Scholarship - Voting Session Says:

    […] But, now you can vote for the winner of this scholarship. The poll will close at midnight Eastern time on November 5th. […]

  60. The Blogger Scholarships at The Blog Herald Says:

    […] The finalists have been chosen and can be voted on over here. […]

  61. Sherry W. Says:

    Lisa Marie is very deserving of this scholarship. She pours her heart and soul into her work for TRA’s. Lisa Marie always puts forth a 100% effort of commitment, tenacity, honesty and hardwork into every thing that she is a part of!

  62. Vote For Lisa Marie « ReadingWritingLiving Says:

    […] My friend Lisa Marie Rollins of A Birth Project is in the top ten finalists for a blogging scholarship. Woo hoo! She needs all the support and votes possible. Please vote for her! It will take two seconds and one click. Do it now! Here’s more about her blog and her great self. […]

  63. Roy Says:

    Something seems fishy about Stephen Yellin… he hasn’t had a blog post since August 19th, and it doesn’t seem that popular a blog… how does he have 2500 votes?

  64. Roy Says:

    nevermind… wrong blog.

  65. Reinventing Erica » Vote Paul! Says:

    […] Paul is currently in second place running for a $5K blogging scholarship.   I just voted for him…and I hope you’ll do the same. […]

  66. Jim Says:

    Umm, the anthropology site says that they will be using the scholarship money on the website, isn’t it supposed to be for school??

  67. is this allowed Says:

    that is what I thought too.

  68. Anonymous Says:


  69. is this allowed Says:

    it’s not a matter of his working being valuable, but i thought this is supposed to be a scholarship used for education not for the blog, so it is confusing as to why Kambiz is entering if he said he doesn’t need it for school related purposes, but to help advance his blog.

  70. Stacy P. Says:

    Lisa Marie should win this, as she is very committed to make a change for a better future.

  71. William Scott Scherk Says:

    I have been reading Jenna Wong’s online writing for about a year. I must say that her blog, Cyberspace Rendezvous, is a daily stop for me. It is passionate, intelligent, personable . . . and inspiring.

    Jenna gets my vote, for a sweet synthesis of science, art, humanity and pure enthusiasm!


  72. Wednesday Night Links « Abstract Nonsense Says:

    […] There’s an online poll for the scholarship I attacked earlier for being too parochial. There are ten finalists, the top vote-getter of whom will win the scholarship. I know about two bloggers out of ten, Shelley and Jenna. But I have to play favorites based on who’s on my blogroll, so I’m going to root for Shelley, who’s only third, with 1780 fewer votes than the leader. […]

  73. d. f. tweney Says:

    I admire Lisa Marie’s blog immensely. She wrestles with difficult issues of race, adoption, and culture with intelligence and passion. I admire her honesty — and her courage!

  74. Alex Says:

    Looks like the MyDD/DailyKos community has come through for Stephen Yellin. Congratulations, Mr. Liberal!

  75. Daniel Says:

    Alex, yes they certainly have.

    I would encourage all finalists to do the same thing and use their clout to get highly-read blogs to endorse them.

    There’s still many more days left.

  76. Ravi Says:

    Congratulations, Pranam!!!!!

  77. Says:

    […] World’s Hottest Science Bloggerâ„¢ Shelley Batts would like your help in securing the Student Blogging Scholarship, worth USD$5000. I’m sure it would of great assistance in her PhD studies, and I heartily endorse her candidature. Graduate students drive medical research, and deserve to be supported and not live in poverty, which is only character building as an undergraduate. […]

  78. Nancy Dimitrios Says:

    Without a doubt, one of the finest young men I have ever met.

  79. Mahesh Kolari Says:

    All – Vote for Pranam

    Best of Luck Pranam.

  80. auggie Says:

    i tried to vote for ben kimball at my college and was unable to. what’s up? can only one person vote on my college campus because of the ip tracking. i tried on three different computers.

  81. Daniel Says:


    there is IP tracking..perhaps someone already voted on those three computers? Did you vote in the college library? I do know that the networks in campus libraries are a little different than other networks.

  82. auggie Says:

    the library, my laptop, and another campus computer lab. this doesn’t seem fair.

  83. Jodi Says:

    Daniel, Your commment on Nov. 2nd is a bit disconcerting.

    “Alex, yes they certainly have.

    I would encourage all finalists to do the same thing and use their clout to get highly-read blogs to endorse them.

    There’s still many more days left.”

    By Daniel on November 2nd, 2006

    This comment gives the whole blogging scholarship the feel of a brilliant spam campagin

    Is this scholarship a means to help a deserving blogger further his/her education or is this a ploy to pimp this scholarship site?

    Why else would you have the blogging community vote for the person most deserving of the scholarship and then encourage finalists to get endorsed by high-traffic blogs?

    Could you explain a little more the thinking behind the voting?

  84. Paul Stamatiou Says:

    Hopefully other factors will also be taken into account – post frequency, user interaction on their site (how many readers leave comments and start discussing), etc.

  85. Daniel Says:


    I was simply pointing out ways to even up the competition.

  86. Late Night Commentary « Abstract Nonsense Says:

    […] In other news, Shelley is now 2250 votes behind. You’re not helping, people! Go out there and make sure the horserace politics reporter who’s the frontrunner, Stephen Yellin, doesn’t beat a real issue blogger whose money will go to curing deafness rather than contributing to an incompetent political party. […]

  87. appletree » Blog Archive » Thursday Links: Evil Bert Edition Says:

    […] First up, I’d like everyone to go to Pepper’s blog and find out why you ought to vote to give Pepper’s pal (aka Shelly Batts) a scholarship. Lindsay of Magic Thighs provides more reasons. Remember, the name you’re looking for on the ballot is “Shelly Batts”, not “Pepper’s Pal.” […]

  88. Jodi Says:

    Thank you, I understand encouraging the evening out of the competition, and I think that’s great.

    However, I am curious about the logic behind making the scholarship a popular vote? Maybe you could explain that to us. Because, again, it’s starting to feel a little like a ploy to get people to this site, rather than to promote and reward good college bloggers.

    Of course I don’t think it has been explicitly stated that the winner of the popular vote is also the winner of the scholarship, so maybe it’s just part and parcel of the whole scholarship.

    But I think a lot of people who are following this closely, and especially those bloggers who have more at stake, would be curious on how winner will be determined.

    Thank you.

  89. Daniel Says:

    Hi Jodi
    In my opinion, ALL of the finalists were good enough to win. That is why I dug through the 100s of submissions to pick the top blogs that I thought were worthy of winning.

    Since blogs are social in nature, and one mark of a good blog is the ability to clearly communicate and spread ideas, I thought opening up the scholarship to the blogging community as a whole would be more fair than just picking one winner myself.

    Plus look at it this way…even the bloggers who do not win are getting A LOT of great exposure from this contest. Have you been reading the feedback on all the blogs about all the finalists?

    Based on how much exposure this contest has got we will probably expand it in some ways next year, and will likely also rethink through the format a bit.

  90. Ericka Says:

    I would like know the answers Jodi’s questions. What is the logic behind the voting? How will the winner be awarded?

  91. Daniel Says:


    I believe I answered them in the post above yours, let me know if you need more clarification.
    The winner will be awarded through their college financial aid office.

  92. Mike Says:

    Hmm…I wrote one of the first comments, decrying that this scholarship will be decided as the result of a popularity contest.

    I wonder why my comment isn’t here any more?

  93. Daniel Says:

    Hi Mike
    Well Katie Couric just left the message above yours (at least for now – until I delete it) … when I deleted some of the spam I may have accidentally deleted your comment. Sorry about that.

  94. Christie Says:

    I’m at my Augsburg College trying to vote for Ben Kimball and I can’t. I saw another student had the same problem. What’s up?

  95. Daniel Says:

    If the campus is on one IP address you might have to vote from at home or out at a coffee shop or something. Sorry about that, but if we didn’t check IP addresses I think it would be even less fair 🙁

  96. Anonymous Says:

    Stephen Yellin’s ambition at such a young age should be rewarded. I hope more out there become as involved in the future of this country due to his influence. Regardless of his politics and the views of his readers, his ability to motivate the public through his words should be respected.

    Go Stephen!

  97. Blog Traffic School Prelaunch Blog Says:

    Blogging Scholarship…

    If you are currently a student who blogs you can enter for a $5000 scholarship thanks to Scholarships Around The USA.
    We’re giving away $5,000 this year to a college student who blogs. Our scholarship is awarded annually.
    You have to write a 300 …

  98. eSecuritization - Latest updates on structured finance and securities. » Your Grey Will Outlive You Says:

    […] Your Grey Will Outlive You By Please go and vote for Shelley Batts’s blog here now. She is one of ten finalists who could win $5,000 if she gets enough votes, and she needs the money for school. (She is in her third year of a Ph.D. in neuroscience.) […]

  99. Pimpin’ Paul: Blogging Scholarship · Think. Try.Teach · The Moleskin - Technology, Design and all things Web Says:

    […] Voting has opened for the blogging scholarship from scholarships around the U.S. The $5000 scholarship is presented to a college student who maintains a blog. There are a lot of great blogger on the lists but I opted to vote for Paul Stamatiou because 1) He’s a great blogger whose blog I read myself 2) He’s a pretty cool kid 3) Most importantly even though he is going to school in Georgia, he’s still a hometown Houston boy. […]

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