Announcing the 2008 Blogging Scholarship Finalists

November 6th, 2008 by Amelia

Here is a list of the 2008 Blogging Scholarship finalists. You can vote for the winner here.

David Malinowski, University of California at Berkeley, co-author of Found In Translation.

Brian Switek, Rutgers University, author of Laelaps.

Justin Higgins, The Ohio State University, co-author of Shots on the House.

Ross Taylor, University of Missouri, author of Rock M Nation.

Evans Boney, California Institute of Technology, author of Boneye.

Omar Hossino, Radford University, author of Abu Hatem.

Thomas Peters, Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception, American Papist.

Justin Varner, Penn State, author of Justin Varner.

Kyle de Beausset, Harvard College, author of Citizen Orange.

Jennifer Lynn Jordan, NYU, author of Per Omnia Saecula.

Thursday Bram, University of Baltimore, author of Thursday Bram.

Shanan Glandz, Ithaca College, author of The Spectrum.

David Cameron, UNC-Greensboro, author of USS Mariner.

Gavin Rehkemper, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, co-author of The Quad Blog.

David Mauro, Colorado College, author of Burnt Orange Report.

Evan Lisull, The University of Arizona, author of Desert Lamp.

Jonathan Dingel, Columbia University, author of Trade Diversion.

Pamela Aghababian, Simmons College, author of Cave Cibum.

Michael Snively, MIT, co-author of MIT Admissions.

Danielle Lee, University of Missouri – St. Louis, author of Urban Science.

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    Damn I didn’t win. But Congrats to all the winners :)

    By balkhis on November 7th, 2008

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    By Vote for me! : The Spectrum on November 7th, 2008

    […] I’m the lone economics blogger amongst the twenty finalists competing for the 2008 Blogging Scholarship. Please show your support for Trade Diversion [and the […]

    By Picking winners « Trade Diversion on November 7th, 2008

    Justin Higgins, The Ohio State University. Wow. ‘Shots on the House’ is informative, and sleek. It looks good and is the least cluttered blog I’ve ever visited, yet with the most information available, at one glance I have ever seen. I visit blogs that are nationally known, and while I enjoy them, this one BY FAR exceeds them in style and layout, and is at least as competetive for content. I will be visting regular now that I have found it.

    Justin Higgins, as screwed up as our media is, our future for news is in talented and bright people like you!

    By Maria Whitehead on November 8th, 2008

    argh, better luck next time I suppose. Yay to all the great blogs up there, though!

    By mimi on November 8th, 2008

    There appears to be no diversity amongst this bunch. Each blog features long paragraphs worth of political opinions. Yawn. Who were the judges and what made them consider these blogs over the rest? I think it would be interesting to see ALL the blogs who entered this competition.

    By The Hater on November 8th, 2008

    This is not my blog, however looking at some of the blogs and this one i have been following it dwarfs some that are listed. It definitely deserves recognition.

    By Rafiq on November 8th, 2008

    No political opinions in mine! Go head, vote for it!

    By Snively on November 8th, 2008

    How did Justin Varner get nominated? I just read that guys blog and, I quote, said, “I just wasted 10 minutes of my life…”

    By Dustin on November 8th, 2008

    Boy, no pun intended, is blogging that “male” an avocation?

    By Ray from MN on November 9th, 2008

    I voted for David Cameron because of his excellent writing over at USS Mariner.

    By Ian on November 10th, 2008

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    By Vote for Danielle Lee! « The Oyster’s Garter on November 10th, 2008

    Justin Varner manages other websites encouraging violence toward women & children. Do your research before you vote for this guy. How many schools has he attended?

    By Sam Ungst on November 10th, 2008

    […] And so, I’ll encourage you to take a look at Brian’s generally outstanding and always interesting blog, and then go look at the other candidates, and vote. […]

    By Hope for the future: Great student blogs « Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub on November 10th, 2008

    […] of my competitors at the 2008 Blogging Scholarship finals (vote for me HERE if you haven’t already!), David Cameron’s U.S.S. Mariner blog, seems to have acquired […]

    By These are the blogs worth livin’ for… : The Spectrum on November 11th, 2008

    I’m honored to be a finalist. Check out my blog and vote me…Danielle Lee.

    By DNLee on November 11th, 2008

    It would be nice if you list all the blogs that applied, so we know what did you guys have to go through to judge.

    By balkhis on November 11th, 2008

    […] round of the competition comes down to a public vote. Will you support me? My profile is listed here along with other finalists. I am the last one listed. To vote click on this link and select my […]

    By Blogging for Science - Blogging Scholarship Finalist | Young Black Professional Guide on November 12th, 2008

    […] here to see all the finalists and […]

    By Blogging Scholarships « Blog of the Airtightnoodle on November 16th, 2008

    […] St. Louis, author of Urban Science, and Brian Switek, Rutgers University, author of Laelaps – are finalists in the College Scholarships’ Blogging Scholarship competition. This in itself is reason to offer our hearty congratulations to them both. However as this […]

    By Nature Blog Network » Good of the Order: There’s Still Time to Vote! on November 17th, 2008

    I know this is old but are you having another scholarship contest thing like this any time soon? I’d like to check it out if so. I’ll check back here every so often for any replies. Thanks for any help in advance.

    By single mother on March 1st, 2011

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