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Scholarship Search Engine FAQs

What makes this search different than a normal Google search?

A normal Google search pulls information from their entire index of websites. This Scholarship Search Engine only pulls information from high quality websites that were hand selected by the staff of College

Google monetizes their search service using pay per click ads. The Scholarship Search Engine is not for profit, and thus shows no ads.

What if I find a website that should be included in this search engine database?

We encourage worthy additions to the Scholarship Search Engine database. Simply use this contact form and send us the URL for review.

I’m getting the homepages of websites in my results, not the pages with the scholarship information. What am I doing wrong?

You are probably not targeting your search. Although this is a search engine specific to scholarships, you will still need to enter the words “scholarship” or “scholarships” into your search. If you were looking for scholarships for women, you would not enter “women” as the search term; you might enter “women’s scholarships”. If you test these two examples, you will see the great difference in results.

How do I link to the Scholarship Search Engine From My Website?

To use the text link shown below, copy and paste the following code into your site:

Scholarship Search Engine

To use the logo link shown below, copy and paste the following code into your site:

The Scholarship Search Engine.

How do I Add The Scholarship Search Engine to My Website?

Copy and paste the following code.

It will render on your site like so:

The Scholarship Search Engine.

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