Attention Past and Current Members of the Armed Forces

If you are or have been in the military, there are benefits from online universities like scholarships and accommodating semester terms. The federal government also provides funding through the popular Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) and other programs.

The GI Bill

Many chose to enter one of the armed forces simply to take advantage of the GI Bill funding and utilize it once discharged from full time service.

The requirements are the veteran should have:

For veterans enlisted on or after June 30, 1985, the GI Bill is the main program for college funding.

Different programs exist for people with certain status such as veterans who:

You must contact Veterans Affairs to fill out the proper forms. Be aware that the turnaround time of applications can run up to around 12 weeks. Always submit your forms before the midterm of the semester before the one you wish to enter. If you have sent a form and are concerned if it was received, be patient as it can be a slow process.

It is possible to gain credit for your previous military experience, similar to getting credit for having previous job experience. These requests are approved on a case by case basis. Some colleges like Coastline Community College have specific programs for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Ask about their distance learning programs as it is often the best choice if you are facing deployment.

Other Programs from the Branches

All branches of the military have specific bonuses in addition to the MGIB such as the Navy College Fund and Army College Fund. These extra funds are called "kickers".

The National Guard is popular option for students wanting to live in a domestic location while earning benefits for their education. Benefits change frequently, so speak with a recruiter who will gladly speak with you about the many programs available and the amount of time you must serve to receive them.

College Scholarships

Along with the GI Bill, many schools will offer elligible veterans with additional scholarship funds. Many online schools such as Strayer University and Coastline Community College target students who qualify. Contact your financial aid office and take a look at our scholarships section.