Vegas Award Experience with Kimberley Klein + Photo!

Posted on 16/11/07 5:15 PM by Amelia

The Pleasure Was All Mine

I was standing outside the “The Joint”, a club inside the Hard Rock Casino where the Blog World Expo was hosting a free food and booze event. The Best of Blogs Awards and our Blogging Scholarship were to be presented at some time during the event.

Arriving early holding the box containing my big ol’ prize check, I just mingled with the organizers and other people passing by. Surprisingly, a beautiful woman approached from behind and asked if I was Daniel Kovach. I confirmed, and she told she was Kimberley Klein, our Blogging Scholarship Grand Prize Winner! I was ecstatic.

A short time later Kim pulled me over to meet another Blogging Scholarship finalist, Chris Clark who was attending the conference since Vegas was close to his home. I really enjoy his blogging style, so definitely go check it out if you haven’t already.

Kim also introduced me to her husband, Randy. The three of us decided to have a seat at the bar and get to know each other. We chatted for around an hour and the time flew by b/c they were so fun to be around. I can tell that despite all that has happened between them, they are truly happy people.

To get to the point, meeting Kim was the highlight of my trip. She has a glow, a charm, a charisma, among other good qualities, all packaged together to create a presence rarely seen in my lifetime. I’m running out of words to describe how awesome of a person she is.

I could not have picked a better winner, but remember….I didn’t. It was an open voting contest, and I’m totally satisfied with the outcome. There were many people who questioned this voting method and I understand their concerns. I was contemplating going away from the voting style for next year’s contest and moving towards getting a panel of reputable blogger judges to make the final decisions. FYI, we did this a few months ago with our Web Design Scholarship.

I’ll have to advise a ton a people on this, and should have the answer soon. Any constructive, well thought-out feedback would be appreciated. Thank you everyone!

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